Monday, March 11, 2019

Grading the Bills on Day 1 of Free Agency

By Steve

The Bills went into free agency with something like the 4th most cash to spend and arguably the most holes to fill. And everyone knows championships are won on thr first day of free agency.

Of course all of these deals arent official until Wednesday but barring a failed physical or a car crash theyre on the books.

McBeaner and co shockingly signed zero former Carolina Panthers. They did however sign a CB, TE, C and RB.

Lets grade how they did:

Kevin Johnson CB
Former Texans first round pick played one game last year and is about at injury as any player ever. No contract numbers.
Grade: C-

Tyler Kroft TE
The Bengal cast off gets 3 years $18 mil woth $8 guaranteed. He has 8 career touchdowns albeit none last season. 5 of those TDs are from within 3 yards of the endzone. So he will be a big target for Joshy Poo Allen, too bad he cant complete short passes. He did basically nothing in 2018 after breaking his foot week 6. Its a risky contract for an unproven guy w a bum foot. 6'6 252 and only 26 he still has upside.
Grade C+

Mitch Morse Center
The 46th best free agent according to PFT and the number 2 center available. The reported contract is for about $11 mil per year which seems excessive considering its the highest AAV for a center ever (until the dude from the Broncos signs). It fills a big need assuming the former Chief takes a big leadership role in the o-line room.
Grade B-

Frank Gore RB
36 year old grandpa getting $2mil? This is truly an abomination. Perhaps the worst possible idea one could imagine. I would rather literslly any random RB from the SEC over this dude. He is taking a roster spot from some younger faster cheaper and better. I couldnt give two shits if he is friends with McCoy or provides veteran leadership. Howd that work for the Dolphins last season? Unbelievable if it wasnt the Buffalo Bills. DAY ONE?!??!
Grade F-

Overall today was an average day for the Bills and Brandon Beane. Nothing surprising (in a good way) but at least they didnt spend like the drunken Jets.

Overall Grade C-

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