Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft Preview: Predictions

By Steve

Here is part 1 of the Bills draft preview breaking down Buffalo's needs. Lets get to some predictions:

If we have learned anything from Brandon Beane and Sean Mcdermott its that they love defense. McDerr would play defense on offense if he could. For that reason alone I see no chance the Bills draft a wide receiver or tight end at 9 overall.

McDerr just doesnt see the value in doing such a crazy thing when he sees some many interior defensive linemen to covet. TJ Hochenson or even Noah Fant would be a nonstarter for this braintrust. And no way they would consider someone as unworthy as Hollywood Brown or DK Metcalf in the top ten.

McBeaner wants a DT badly. True the ship Marcell Dareus outta here for a bag of stale chips and lost cap space but someone like Ed Oliver wakes these two up at night with wet dreams. Too bad he'll be gone by then, so to will the better Josh Allen and Quinnen Williams.

With Sweat and Gary completely falling out of the first round this will hurt the Bills. No one is pining for any of these quarterbacks that will be available like Lock, Haskins or Jones thus a trade back is highly unlikely. HOPEFULLY these two clowns arent confused enough to do something insane and trade up yet again (then again doesn't McDerr foolishly trade up for all of his players?) but I wouldnt be shocked.

The crystal ball is getting clearer and I see the Bills selection at 9.......

Christian Wilkins DT Clemsom

No chance the Bills brass could pass on a player with the first name Christian and he's only the 3rd or 4th best DT in the draft! But Im sure we'll all get on board until the Bills decline his 5th year option in three and a half years.

Other predictions:
Only one QB goes in the top 9.
The Bills try to trade back into the back end of the first round for an offensive weapon.
Only 1 RB goes day one.
The Raiders do something really stupid.
Everyone hates the Jets pick.
Everyone loves whatever the Patriots do.
Drew Lock goes before Haskins.
Everyone in Nashville gets hammered.

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