Thursday, April 22, 2021

2021 Bills Draft Preview: Needs

by Steve

Most people think the Bills are set with a deep roster, few open spots on the 53 man and can basically go in any direction they please. Obviously I disagree.

Let's face it, last year was a but of a fluke. Allen didnt have to play in front of any crowds. The Bills caught the league off guard with the explosion of Diggs that no one saw coming (cmon who predicted he would lead the league in multiple categories?) . The division was awful and the schedule opened up.

Allen did of course play much better; you cant fake your way to 13 wins. Clearly the roster isnt bereft of talent. But there are still needs on this roster if the Bills have any hope of staying within 10 points of the Chiefs ever.

The Bills have 7 draft picks, 30th, 61, 93, 161 in the 5th, 174 in the 5th, 213 in the 6th and 236 in the 7th.

My ranking of Bills needs:
Defensive end/edge rusher
Tight end
Wide Receiver

This team needs to get after the quarterback. Whether that is even possible in the age of 2 second hike & release might be up for debate. But what shouldn't be up for debate is the idea that Maddy Addison, Jerry Hughes and Darryl Johnson is an awful trio on the edge.

The only thing more important in a quality tight end besides route running snd blocking is CATCHING THE FUCKING BALL. And floppy Knox cant catch the ball. The Bills are desperate for this position because they have a few good slot receivers and an all pro on the outside. But an upgrade is badly needed.

Tre White is the shutdown gut but after his is just a bunch of dudes. McDerr loves corners and can seemingly find them anywhere. But he has yet to find a bonafide # 2 CB.

A team that wants to pass as much as Daboll's can never have too many WRs. Davis was a nice surprise, but Sanders and Beasley are in their 30s. Hodgins is a question mark and McKenzie is on a one year deal. Finding a roster spot may be tough unless Beane finds a talent early.

Mitch Morse is a benched bitch with injury history & a bloated contract. This might be more of a need than  i think.

Safety for depth is always a need.

Not surprisingly runningback is not on the list. Beaner used a day 2 pick on RB each of the last two years. While neither Singletary or Moss are above average they both are serviceable & complimentary. Moreover they just signed speedster Matt Breida. Late day 3 flyer is all thats needed to address runningback.

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