Tuesday, April 27, 2021

2021 NFL Draft Preview: QB Rankings

by steve

Here is my list of Bills needs heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. But all anyone is talking about is QB QB QB. Sooo.

Lets rank all these overrated quarterbacks:

1. Trevor Lawrence
This guy has been in the spotlight so long he isn't even talked about much any more. Boring. Good luck in Jax.

2. Justin Fields
I was never a big Fields guy but his alleged fall down draft boards is perplexing. He has some athleticism, good arm, played in big games and has deceptive size. Is a stud? No but at least he played last year and the year before and against a real conference.

3. Davis Mills
:snoop dogg who gif:
No one watched the pac12 this year. They started their season way late, had a bunch of canceled games and play at 3am or some shit. Mills is raw and only has 11 starts but dude has the pedigree. You know Andrew Luck and Kevin Hogan went to Staford right?

4. Tre Lance
No one watched this dude play. If you say you did you're a liar. He has played like 2 games since Dec 2019 and plays in a sub college league. But from what I read he has size and strength. If Allen could prove people wrong from a similar school and league why not this dude.

5. Kellen Mond
This might my SEC bias or when I look at Mond I get a Dak vibe. Plus he checks a lot of boxes. 4 year starter, size 6'3 217, tough conference, improvement with his completion % and has reduced his turnovers. Might be a 2nd round gem.

6. Zach Wilson
BYU pretty boy with as punchable a face as one can have. Sure he plays like a kid out there having fun but is that a recipe for success? Plus he doesmt even play in a conference, is gonna be stuck going to the Jets and has what a appears to be a slight build.

7. Jamie Newman
Biiig dude that transferred from Wake to Georgia but never played. Why is he getting zero run just because he didnt play last year but Lance is? All I know is he didnt have 3 top 15 players around him on offence as a Deacon.

which brings us to number 8
8. Mac Jones
If this guy isn't the definition of game manager clip board hero who finally got to drive his Dad's Mercedes in the drive way. Thats basically what Jones got with the team he "lead" to the Natty last year.

9. Kyle Trask
Compiler. Wouldnt be surprised if he got a shot as a sharter in a year or 2 but reminds me of Tebow because of the jersey.

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