Thursday, April 29, 2021

2021 NFL Draft Predictions

by Steve

Its fun to get these things written down in advance to show how right (wrong) I was. So here are some draft predictions. Previously I wrote about the Bills needs & ranked the quarterback prospects.

The Bills wont trade up for a runningback but after the draft Beane will say something like he tried to move up but couldnt justify it.

Justin Fields & Mac Jones fall out of the top 5 and likely much farther.

One runningback goes in the first round

There is a huge run on offensive talent except stupid teams like Detroit, New England, Houston & Giants.

Bills draft a D-lineman.

Caleb Farley falls out of the first round.

6 QBs get drafted Thursday.

Everyone will rave about the Dolphins & Jaguars draft and rip the Jets. Belichick will be labeled a genius for "navigating" the draft.

The Bills will draft a QB Saturday.

Zach Ertz gets moved Friday.

Kyle Pitts will be a bust.

There aren't nearly as many trades as prior years and the talk of the draft will be a lack of medical information on players and GMs play it more straight.

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