Monday, April 22, 2024

2024 Buffalo Bills NFL Draft Preview

by steve

The draft is Thursday. Lets preview it:

The Bills picks:
round 1 28
round 2 60
round 4 128
round 4 133
round 5 144
round 5 160
round 5 163
round 6 200
round 6 204
round 7 248

Biggest needs:

After the Diggs trade and Gabe Davis departing in free agency the Bills are bereft of talent and bodies at the WR position. At the time I said the trade made zero sense and I stand by that with no step 2 after the move.

Everyone knows trading up is stupid yet Beane always does and is almost guaranteed to do it again Thursday. If he trades this years 2nd or next years first and i might snap. 

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