Friday, June 22, 2018

Sabres Draft Rasmus Dahlin Franchise Savior again

By Steve

The Sabres drafted yet another SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE in Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin tonight. Lets start counting our cup rings now!

Its not like we all heard the franchise was all set 3 years ago when Jack Eichel was going to be the savior. Thats worked out great!

Im sure all the fanboys will ignore the fact that Eichel is an injury prone over paid over hyped nobody. Hes averaged 59 games in his first 3 seasons and a measly .846 points per game.

Im sure adding a Euro 18 year old defenseman will cure all this franchises ills. Its not like they have a know nothing fanboy owner, an unqualified 54 year old coach and a first time GM that some how made the team worse this season. They have the second longest playoff drought in the league and haven't won a playoff series since Briere and Drury walked out the door. oof.

But hey its Dahlin Day in Buffalo and people are still buying tickets. Plus the Buffalo News is burning down to dust and everyone at WGR550 is doing great. Up is down, down is up and the Sabres still fuckin suck.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Buffalo Bills Point Spreads for 2018 Season

By Steve

Via from @cgtechnology_ in Las Vegas the point spread for the entire 2018 season is out. The Buffalo Bills are favored in a total of (gulp) THREE games. Yes 3 games the entire season. Here is the breakdown of the lines for each Bills game:

Week 1
Bills +3.5 @ Ravens

Week 2
Bills + 1 v Chargers

Week 3
Bills +10 @ Vikings

Week 4
Bills +9.5 @ Packers

Week 5
Bills Pick em v Titans

Week 6
Bills +6 @ Texans

Week 7
Bills +2 @ Colts

Week 8 (MNF)
Bills +4.5 v Patriots

Week 9
Bills -1.5 v Bears

Week 10
Bills +1 @ Jets

Week 11

Week 12
Bills +4.5 v Jaguars

Week 13
Bills +1 @ Dolphins

Week 14
Bills -4 v Jets

Week 15
Bills pick em v Lions

Week 16
+10.5 @ Patriots

Week 17
Bills -4 v Dolphins

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Russ Brandon Resigns in Disgrace

By Steve

Ding dong the witch is dead! The #meToo movement took down failed piece of shit Russ brandon.

According to the Buffalo News he quit after lying to Kim Pegula about inapproproate relationships with fenale employees.

How this guy kept his job after failing upwards for nearly 20 years is incredible to me. Not only was he the president of the Bills he was for the damn Sabres too. Unbelievable.

Thank god he is gone. Dont bother liaten to Schopp and the Bulldog today, those two clowns have been in bed with him since the beginning. He was their inside source, they were all friends and Chap/Poodle never criticized them on their show ever. And for the most part defended him because the Bills and Sabres "moved inventory".

Hip hip hooray. Peace out Russ you ass hat.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

5th Round Bills Draft Guard Wyatt Teller

This was the pick the Bills got for Marcell Dareus.
Va Tech guard Wyatt Teller 6'5 314 senior

5th Round Buffalo Bills Draft DB Siran Neal

DB Siran Neal Jacksonville state
He played linebacker safety and cornerback his senior year. Another DB from a small town school. Evidently the Bills arent interested in offense. Wow

4th Round Bills Draft CB Taron Johnson

CB Taron Johnson weber state
Senior 5'11 192 ran a 4.5 40

Three-year starter, two-time All-Big Sky selection, unanimous FCS First Team All-American and Big Sky Defensive MVP in 2017

Fills a need in the secondary

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bills Trade Up Again LB Tremaine Edmunds LB

By Steve

Whoaaaa! Bills give up a 3rd and get a 5th back to move from 22 to 16

Hes only 19 and plays all linebacker positions

Grade A-