Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft Preview: Needs

By Steve

The only Bills NFL Draft previews you will need are right here. First lets take a look at the Buffalo Bills biggest needs headed into the 2019 draft.

The Bills draft picks:
112, 131
147, 158
225, 228
(There are 254 draft picks)

There arent exactly huge holes all over this roster because McBeaner and co have signed every free agent that bats an eyelash at them. Sure they signed a lot of dudes but are any of them even decent? The linemen were mostly journeymen or reserve players except the center they overpaid. The WRs are just meh and Kroft the tightend is a project at best. Thus the Bills needs are (in order):

Wide Receiver
Joshy poo Allen needs weapons. Cole Beasley, Zay Jones, undrafted Foster and John Brown arent scaring anyone. Who out of that group do you trust on 3rd and 9? Who out of that group are you throwing to in the endzone late in the 4th quarter?

Defensive End
If quarterback is the only position that matters then how do you effect the QBs play? Hitting him and picking him off. The Bills are set in the secondary but the D line is devoid of difference makers. Jerry Hughes is inconsistent, Shaq Lawson is just a body and Yarbrough is nobody. A game effecting edge rusher is a must.

Tight End
Gone is my boy Charles Clay and in is Tyler Kroft? Wtf? He had 4 catches last year and a paltry 67 in a useless 4 year career. Great Tight Ends are matchup nightmares in the NFL. The Bills have never had a great one or even a good one. Sorry Scott Chandler fans. There are  few alleged blue chippers outta Iowa that would look good down the seam at OBD.

Offensive Tackle
The offenive line last year was abysmal. Blame the Wood injury and Beane lowballing Richie, sure, but Dion Dawkins was a turnstyle last year. The bandaid free agents arent a real answer. Going tackle 9 isnt ideal but if they can get the top OT n the board its easier to stomach.

Running Back
TJ Yeldon is a solid signing but a bad sign. Are the Bills really content going into the season with McCoy and Gore two old ass bums toting the rock and Yeldon catching the ball all season? They need to get younger, a lot younger, like 2 decades younger, oof.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bills 2019 Schedule Worst of All Time?

by Steve

What do people look at first when the NFL schedule comes out? Where is the first game and who is the game again?  What do people look at second?  When is the home opener. What do they look for third?  Prime time games.  The Bills lose in all three categories.

Unbelievably the Bills don't play at home week one or week two and have zero prime time games.  There are 46 prime time games with 92 teams participating.  The Bills are none of those 92 teams.

The best (and likely) only good part of a Bills season is starting at home in Orchard Park.  The Bills don't do that until they are likely 0-2 (they'll be dawgs in both road games) and then come home to play fuckin Cincinnati.  The Bengals are 1b to the Bills 1a of being the most irrelevant over looked useless team in the NFL.  Then they get to lose to the Patriots week 4!

Even if Buffalo wins just one of their first two then the week 3 home opener will be a must win season breaking game because starting out 1-3 and all hope is lost.

Some people are pointing to the Thanksgiving game vs Dallas as a bright spot.  But why is playing a game in the middle of dinner (I actually will have two different family dinners at two different houses scheduled during the 4:30pm game)?  Who wants to watch a Bills game with Aunt Karen and her fuckin loud kids in a cramped hot house?

Even the fun road trips at Pittsburgh and at Cleveland are late in the year when Buffalo will likely already be out of it and the season is over.

Moreover, the Bills have three straight home games and 5 out of 7 weeks we have to go to the stadium.  Good luck with your marriages. 

And if you are an optimist for some reason that thinks the Bills might have a chance to be good this year they finish with 5 of their last 7 games coming on the road.  The Bills were 2-6 on the road last year.

Yeah I would have likely found something to complain about, but this is truly the worst schedule I could imagine from a season ticket holder stand point.  Shoot me

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Nate Oats Fucks Off to Albama Where he will fail

By steve

Fucking nate oats fucking left for fucking alabama. Like we never existed. Eres a fact. Nate oats will fail at Albama snd be nothing. He is a carpetbagging money hungry piece of shit. I cant wit to watch him be the 7th beet team in the SEC dor the next 3 years.

Lotta connections in Alabama? Lol

Sure bama is gonna pay more but they have 1 tournament win since 2006 and a mere 2 ncaa appearances. How much did Turner Gill make after he got fired from Nebraska? Money isnt everything. And leaving makes sense if its a real program or real chance to win. But Alabama basketball?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

UB Advances to MAC Semis Easily

By Steve

UB rolled over a disinterested and outgunned Akron team in the MAC quarterfinals 82-46. They will play in the semi finals Friday at 6:30 at the Q in Cleveland.

The Bulls lead at half time 38-21 in an ugly first half filled with missed FTs, 3's and tons of fouls by both teams.

Buffalo pulled away easily in the second half of a game that was over just about out of the gate. Akron got into foul trouble late in the first half and checked out after.

Buffalo is the best team in the conference and looks motivated for Selection Sunday and the real tournament next week. There is jo looking beyond the conference tournament at this point. I feel bad for Western Mich or Kent St tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Grading the Bills on Day 2 of Free Agency

By Steve

Day 2 of free agency was better than day 1 of free agency for the Bills but still nothing to throw a parade over. But Buffalo did fill some needs. Heres the grades for day 2 of free agency:

Smokey John Brown WR 3 years $27 mil
Solid comtract for a solid player. Funny the Bills wanted to sign this dude last year and he refused. Last year the Ravens only gave him $6.5 but he had a consistent year and gives the Bills desperately needed speed down the field.
Grade B+

Ty Nsekhe OT 2 years $14.5 mil
If this guy turns out to be the starting LT as some are speculating then this contract is a home run. If Ty is a rotational offensive lineman its an abomination.
Grade C+

Jon Feliciano G 2 years $8 mil
Seems like an expensive backup or depth guy. He has 8 career starts in 4 seasons and only 4 in 2018 on an awful Raiders team.  PFF doesnt grade him out very well either (49/100)
Grade C-

Cole Beasley WR 4 years $29 mil $14.4 mil guaranteed
5'8 beasley turns 30 next month and seems to get hurt every game. He is a tiny little smurph man after all. He had solid stats last year but isnt getting quicker or younger. Its not a terrible contract and its not a terrible player. Moreover its a position of need but there is no chance this guy is on the roster in 3 years.
Grade C-

Overall grade for Day 2 is a weak B-. The late news of Odell Beckham should push it doen to a C but I wont blame the Bills for being the Bills. Because as we know they are the Bills

Grade B-

Monday, March 11, 2019

Grading the Bills on Day 1 of Free Agency

By Steve

The Bills went into free agency with something like the 4th most cash to spend and arguably the most holes to fill. And everyone knows championships are won on thr first day of free agency.

Of course all of these deals arent official until Wednesday but barring a failed physical or a car crash theyre on the books.

McBeaner and co shockingly signed zero former Carolina Panthers. They did however sign a CB, TE, C and RB.

Lets grade how they did:

Kevin Johnson CB
Former Texans first round pick played one game last year and is about at injury as any player ever. No contract numbers.
Grade: C-

Tyler Kroft TE
The Bengal cast off gets 3 years $18 mil woth $8 guaranteed. He has 8 career touchdowns albeit none last season. 5 of those TDs are from within 3 yards of the endzone. So he will be a big target for Joshy Poo Allen, too bad he cant complete short passes. He did basically nothing in 2018 after breaking his foot week 6. Its a risky contract for an unproven guy w a bum foot. 6'6 252 and only 26 he still has upside.
Grade C+

Mitch Morse Center
The 46th best free agent according to PFT and the number 2 center available. The reported contract is for about $11 mil per year which seems excessive considering its the highest AAV for a center ever (until the dude from the Broncos signs). It fills a big need assuming the former Chief takes a big leadership role in the o-line room.
Grade B-

Frank Gore RB
36 year old grandpa getting $2mil? This is truly an abomination. Perhaps the worst possible idea one could imagine. I would rather literslly any random RB from the SEC over this dude. He is taking a roster spot from some younger faster cheaper and better. I couldnt give two shits if he is friends with McCoy or provides veteran leadership. Howd that work for the Dolphins last season? Unbelievable if it wasnt the Buffalo Bills. DAY ONE?!??!
Grade F-

Overall today was an average day for the Bills and Brandon Beane. Nothing surprising (in a good way) but at least they didnt spend like the drunken Jets.

Overall Grade C-

Bills Sign Frank Gore, This Is Not a Joke

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills are run by incompetent trolls that hate winning, their fans and their national perception. Signing soon to be 36 year old Frank Gore is the cruelest of jokes.

It would be funny if it wasnt so sad and infuriating.

Signing 36 year old Frank Gore on the first day of free agency for $2 million sounds like an Onion headline.

He, as of now, is he 19th highest paid player on the team. Not only is he old and useless but he will UNDOUBTEDLY tske playing time from a younger faster cheaper better runningback. This signing boggles the mind.

I am dead inside. Kill me