Friday, August 19, 2016

Reason Infinity I hate the Bills

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why Your Team Sucks: Buffalo Bills

Yup its that glorious time of the year again, deadspin's annual why your team sucks Bills edition!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bills Extend Tyrod Taylor Fans Shrug

By Steve

Where are the hotttt taeks???!??! It seems like hashtag billsmafia is pretty ambivalent about Tyrod Taylor's new "6 year $90 mil extension".

There are offsets, limited gaurantees, incentives and a few years of contract talk silence but no anger or joy. Interesting.

The Bills could have just paid tiny Ty the $3 mil he was owed this year and tagged him for $20ish next year. But they still would have had this hanging over their head and had rumblings by players about committing to the players. So they signed him earlier than expected at a decent price.

He's only played 14 games and was average (well a bit better than average) last year. He was seemingly always hurt albeit only missed 2 games and "made the pro bowl" whatever that means.

$15 mil per puts him at about 22nd in the league in pay at his position. Isn't that about right?

The deal will either look great in 3 years or horrible. Taylor could outplay the contract and hold out for more money in a few seasons (which would mean hes playing really well) or he could be cut after next season.

So the correct response is a shrug. No more contract talk, its now time to put up and stay healthy.

Oh yeah and fire Russ Brandon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Terry Pegula Answers the TOUGH QUESTIONS

By Steve

Gotta love Terry Pegula answering the TOUGH QUESTIONS on his paid for 5 hour commercial on WGR550 from 10am to 3pm with his lackeys as the hosts.

Injuries? Not as bad as last year!

Internal strife? No way Jose! Its just positive conversations.

I watch film with Rex!

Russ Brandon running both franchises despite "being a baseball guy" has been great! Raise prices, lose fail repeat!

16 years of no playoffs? No no no. To my mind it has only been 1!

Im glad the Rams went back to LA!

This whole thing is the biggest fairy tail ive ever seen. The guy never faces the media, never answers a tough questions and instead buys 5 hours on commercials from 10am to 3 pm every day on the only local sports station in town. Incredible.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LaMonte Bearden Quits UB

By Steve

This one hurts. The best player on the UB Bulls basketball team and potential star (by MAC standards) was granted his release today.

This is why being a fan of small time programs like UB is so tough and why the NCAA is fuckin horrible.

Why leave the program now after such a great and promising sophomore season? I guess we can say at least we got an extra year outta the kid instead of losing him with Shannon last year?

When does sitting out a year and transfering ever really work out? Ita not like UB has no chance to make the tourney. This was his team. Puzzling. Just hope hes not going to Arizona State with fuckboy.

BAD day for UB Bulls athletics.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stamkos Watch: Would He Sign with Buffalo

By Steve



Alright, alright lets see. The Sabres haven't made the playoffs in 5 years. They have no veterans, basically no playoff experience, the franchise has never won a Stanley Cup, New York State has some of the highest taxes in the Nation and Steve Stamkos has zero ties to the area or the organization.

So the obvious answer is no. ZERO CHANCE! Wasn't Mike Babcock supposed to sign here last year? They have Eichel! A rich owner! A plethora of young prospects and assets! It wasn't even close. It seemed like Babcock never even considered Buffalo as an option and Stamkos is the exact same.

All those allegedly good things the Sabres had going for them hasn't changed. GM Tim Murray is a genius! I guess Matt Moulson considers him a genius but there is scant evidence from any unbiased sources that Murray is some sevant.

BUT HEY! WGR550 keeps talking about it so where there is smoke there is fire! Lol. Stand down Sabre nation fan boys. It aint happening.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

WGR550 Drops Jim Rome Show

By Steve

2 hours of sponsered content by the Buffalo Sabres during the day isn't enough "state" sponsered air time for the folks at WGR550 so they are adding 3 more hours of paid mouth piece sports talk at mid day. The Buffalo Bills will get their own 3 hours of advertising from 12-3 replacing the Jim Rome Show in August.

Truly incredible. I guess if you cant beat em join. And that is now what the Bills and Sabres will be doing by getting 5 straight hours of free PR and promotion every day on WGR.

The John Murphy show is a fuckin joke. It is all promotion and pretaped puff interviews of Bills players and personel. Murph is a paid spokesman for the Bills and never criticizes anything they do ever and always brings only positivity about anything and everything Bills just like the Sabres free commercials from 10-12.

Bye Jim Rome