Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Bitchin' about sports on a Thursday! Yup I told you this was gonna be a weekly column (lucky you). Lets right into it:

- So the Sabres give up four prospects for a player that never scores 20 goals in a season and is demanding something like 8 years $70 million? Ryan O'reilly is alright but the Sabres gave up way too much for a guy they now have to over pay to be their temporary first line center.

I give the transaction a C+ . It takes pressure off Jack Eichel and the now forgotten Sam Rinehart. Anyone remember him? I dont even know how to spell his name.

The other big move was trading the 21st overrall pick for an unproven goalie who has limited experience in the NHL. Um WTF?

I get it, Tim Murray is the antihesis of Darcy Regier. He is new, aggressive, gives no fucks and wheels and deals. Great! But he isn't immune from criticism. He has won nothing, has zero track record of success and doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Overpaying for players you really want or need is fine. But those moves better pan out. Being this aggressive and not getting great value leaves little margin for error. Then again thank god Darc Regier is gone.

- Japan v USA in the world cup final? The womens world cup is a topic? Damn slow sports season. Hope they dont sneek up on us. Heyyyyooo. Why the hell do teams have to plan in Montreal for the semis then fly cross country to Vancouver for the finals? So dumb.

- Where theres smoke theres fire. Dont be surprised if Tyrod is listed first on the depth chart for training camp. Wait is Russ Wilson on the trade block? 4 firsts? Sure. Paging Mr Whaley.

- Love to see Cleveland go Cleveland and lose a no hitter with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the 9th inning in an 8-0 game. Ha.

- The money in the NBA is back to being insane. Some of the contracts being thrown around brings back memories of the good old days when Hedo Turkalu and Rashard Lewis and other mid level players were getting wayyyy to much cash and tanking franchises. What the hell are the Lakers doing by the way?

- I had an epiphony the other day. Part of the reason I am so negative and dour about Buffalo sports (ya know besides all the losing) is because of how shitty wgr550 and The Buffalo News are. Both organizations are so self congradulatory and hold themselves up in such high regard it is disgusting.

The only good segment on Schopp snd the Bulldog is if someone even bothers to call and says something outlandish. Those two agree on every single thing they ever talk about. And if on the .01% chance they do disagree Bulldog just changes his mind and agrees with ol Chap. Also the guy that sings their opening intros is god awful.

The morning dudes are a little bit more entertaining but agree on every single thing too. Worse yet, they repeat the same fucking things every single morning. ANALYTICS!  You have to run a QB sneek on 4th and 1. Dont punt! Unbearable.

The Buffalo news is just a bunch of old cranks but at least they are intelligent except for Mike Harrington who is a biggity bitch and useless on twitter. Ha

- Yes I did vote for mostly all KC Royals for the all star game because it is funny. Then again it also helps the Mets when they get home field advantage in the World Series. Errr

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Slow time of the year for sports but Im on a long bus trip so lets just start a new thing where I bitch about sports shit. Leggo:

-The Mets are on an 8 game road trip and havent won yet. They have one game left. This isnt a fuckin riddle. Oh yeah Im goin to new Shea tomorrow and it is supposed to rain. Great 6 man rotation, I cant believe BF Colon isnt working out.

- 5+ weeks until Bills training camp? Ouch. The excitement and anticipation of Simms v Manuel v Cassel v Tyrod is palpable!

My odds for starting QB are as follows:
Matt Cassel 52%
EJ Manuel 24%
Tyrod Taylor 23%
Matt Simms 1%

I can buy into or at least make a half ass arguement for any of em (and I will once one of them "wins" the job) but this is basically a choice between shitty and less shitty. Can Rex Ryan win with a great defense and running the ball? Based on history yes but my faith in Rexy is shakey at best.

-USA v China in the quarterfinals tomorrow? In Ottawa? On Turf? 2 yellow cards equals the ban box for 2 USWNT players? When the fuckin Mets game rains out ill watch with one eye.

- Why the fuck does WGR550 need a 14 hour pregame show for the NHL draft Friday instead of airing the Smackoff? God I hate this town and their "sports fans"

- Anyone in Buffalo ever hear of the god damn NBA draft? Where is D'angelo Russell going? Willy Cauly Stein falling out of the lottery? Ryan Boatright going in the first round? Is Frank Kaminsky white? CA Townes or Okafor? I say Okafor is the safe pick. Stay away from Euros.

- Take a second and look at A-rod's stats, or ill give em to you. .292 15 dongs 45 rbi. Is he friends with that cheating bicycle rider?

- Jack Eichel better be a god damn hall of famer. Glad the Sabres tanked the last 2 years, burned their fan base and bore the shit out of everyone for a bust that people are already talking about trading (small-Sam Rinehart) and the 2nd best player in this years draft. But hey the Sabres billionaire owner raised prices for um the same # of times as years he owned them. (Shit I should reword that, meh fug it)

The Sabres arent making the playoffs next year and are years away from making any type of run. Then again watching a real meaningful NHL game in Buffalo will bring back fond memories of the prime of my life.

- Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is upon us. Haha losers

- Is there a more boring parent club for the Bisons than the Toronto Blue Jays? Ok clearly Im running out of shit to bitch about see u next Thurs.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Buffalo Bills Spreads Odds and Lines

By Steve

Lets take a look at the gambling lines for the 2015 Buffalo Bills season:

Vegas set the Bills over under total wins at 8.5 (-130).

The over seems like a solid bet but Tyrod Taylor? I wouldnt be surprised by an 8-8 season.

The Bills odds to win the AFC East are set at +500. The Dolphins are only +325 and obviously the Patriots are the favorite. Ill never understand the Miami love. Joe Philbin??!???

Buffalo is +1800 to win the AFC and +50000 to win the Super Bowl. SYM. Save Your Money.

Here is a breakdown of the point spread for each game of the Bills 2015 season with the spreads provided by Las Vegas and

Week 1:
Colts at Bills (+2.5, 47.5)

Over seems high and kinda rough being a home dog week one. Colts have the better team. Id suggest pick em as the line.

Week 2:
Patriots at Bills (+1)

This was before the Brady suspension thus the line has probably swung to Bills -3 or so.

Week 3:
Bills at Dolphins (-2)

Ouch first three weeks of the year and the Bills havent been favored yet.

Week 4:
Giants at Bills (-3)

This line will change.

Week 5:
Bills at Titans (+3)

Mariota's first career start?

Week 6:
Bengals at Bills (-1)

Surprised the Bills are favored but it is Andy Dalton..

Week 7:
Bills at Jaguars (+6)

Favored for the fourth straight game albeit this one is on a neutral field. Next stop the bye week.

Week 8:

Week 9:
Dolphins at Bills (-2)

Vegas loves the Dolphins this year.

Week 10:
Bills at Jets (+1)

Favored for six weeks in a row. I have no read on the Jets but they were awful last year.

Week 11:
Bills at Patriots (-5.5)

The Patriots will be in full-on fuck you mode. This line is low.

Week 12:
Bills at Chiefs (-2.5)

Big game week twelve. Could this be flexed?

Week 13:
Texans at Bills (-3)

Revenge from last year, fug JJ Watt.

Week 14:
Bills at Eagles (-3.5)

Chip Kelly already in a make or break year, bang the Eagles.

Week 15:
Bills at Redskins (+1)
Road favorites? Rare. WTF happen to RGIII?

Week 16:
Cowboys at Bills (-1)
If the Bills lose on a last second field goal I will burn the stadium to ash.

Week 17:
Jets at Bills (-4)

I made this line up based on anecdotal evidence.

The Bills are allegedly favored in 11 games this season! Eleven! The schedule is quite conducive to a successful aeason. First two at home, the AFC South, last two games at home amd no Brady week 2. These lines came right from Vegas. 15 year drought over?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mike Babcock Leverages Sabres for more money from Leafs

By Steve

Those sneaky Toronto Maple Leafs! Evidently Mike Babcock used the Sabres as leverage to get more money from the queefs instead of actually wanting to coach the Buffalo Sabres and leave Detroit. Fuck em then

It appears the bottomline was control. Can Babcunt have total control of the roster like he will have in Toronto or still have to report to Tim Murray in Buffalo. True money may have had some impact but when has that ever caused Terrence Pegula to acquieces?

The bottom bottom line is this:

Who would you rather have, Mike Babcock or Tim Murray?

Babcunt has won and won quite a bit, Tim Murray is an unknown quantity with little track record of success (unless you consider 30th place success).

Should Pegula have stepped in fired Murray and lept into Babcock's arms like a romatic beach movie scene? Id say probably. Ouch. In GMTM they trust I guess.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Grading the Buffalo Bills 2015 Draft

By Steve

Was that the most boring NFL draft in recent memory? Yeah, I watched just about the entire thing but man that was boring. Obviously, the horrendous trades from last year that threw out a few 4th round picks and this years first round picked were the man culprit.

But it wasn't just those lousy trades that caused this years draft to be a snoozefest. The first pick was a cornerback which seems to always be the case and is usually boring. The second pick, John Miller, was a boring but useful pick because he plays guard.

The most interesting aspects of the 2015 draft  were the team's 5th and and second 6th round pick. Running back Karlos Williams was impressive at times for FSU but it wasn't a need position. Basically it was a send off to trade-bust Bryce Brown. Good job on that one Doug Whaley.

The second 6th round pick ( TE Nick O'leary) was my favorite of the whole draft. Oddly enough this kid might have the biggest impact on the roster this season. Granted he was a late sixth round pick but any time an FSU game was on it seemed like this dude was making plays. Why he fell that far is probably because of his measurables but the kid is a football player.

Lastly the other dudes Tony Steward and Dezmin Lewis.. meh. Lewis is a tall WR and hopefully Rex liked LB Steward but they were just throw in players in the 6th and 7th rounds.

Overall I give the Bills a draft grade of C+. No additional picks for next year, not drafting a quarterback and taking a luxury CB hurt. Plus Darby had about as many interceptions as I had last year but in the long run it may prove to be a smart pick.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bills Draft Guard John Miller Louisville

A position of need, I would have prefered a tackle that can play guard as well. ESPN literally did not talk about our pick instead going to commercial. They didnt even broadcast the pick live.

From rotoworld

"A pair of anonymous NFL scout speaking with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel both said Louisville G John Miller has limitations.
"You like the way he plays," said the first. "He's tough, but he's 6-2 and 300. OK athlete. He's got some quickness but he's not a great player. He struggles in protection some. Gets beaten on the edges." Miller improved from 7 to 14 on the Wonderlic on a second try, but the MJS reports some teams wonder if he'll be able to react and adjust. "Learning is a little bit of a process," the second scout said. "Pass pro is good enough. Oh, yeah, he's a good player." Miller was a four-year starter at guard. We're big fans, higher on the Cardinal prospect than either of these two gentlemen. Josh Norris ranks Miller as the No. 4 interior offensive line prospect."

Big discrepancy in grades on John Miller. @MelKiperESPN had him No. 80 overall, but Scouts, Inc. had him at No. 170."

And from walterfootball:
"Buffalo Bills: John Miller, G, Louisville: C+ Grade
I had John Miller going to the Bills - but in the fifth round. Having said that, I don't think this is a bad pick, or anything. I had Miller going a bit later than I wanted to, so Buffalo is reaching by about a round. Still, the Bills are filling a big need on the interior of their offensive line, so I don't have a problem with this selection.
Read more at "

Buffalo Bills Draft Ronald Darby CB FSU

By Steve

Two career interceptions. Another cornerback. Kiper hated the pick, "an interesting pick" Todd McShay

5'10 193

Everyone says he can't find the ball and wasn't challenged much at FSU
Roto world
The Colts pick No. 29, around where Darby might go. The 5-foot-11, 188-pound Darby has good size, athleticism and outstanding speed, boasting 4.38 second wheels. Some have called him soft, but we see a decent tackler who isn't afraid to get dirty."

I dont like the pick but I dont hate it.
Grade D+