Friday, July 20, 2007

Quarterback Position

by Steve

"7 nights before training camp"

For the first time in 3 years or perhaps even as far back as Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills might have a legit starting quarterback. Sure Bledsoe was paid like one, but Belichick knew what took Bills management 3 years to learn, he was done, he was not an elite quarterback any more and was overpaid. JP Losman maybe a top 15 or perhaps top 10 QB in this league by the end of the season. Then again maybe this blog will be calling for Trent Edwards by week 9.

Heading into camp Losman is the starter, its written in stone. After an up and down 2006, starting with the quarterback competition in camp between JP and Craig Nall, and Losman being handed the position because of injuries allegedly, Losman really didn't have the luxury of feeling confident and comfortable for much of the season. Things started out slow and the loses piled up and most wanted Nall after the bye. Luckily fans aren't the coach/GM because things started to change. It all started with the late 4th quarter comeback in Houston with a dynamite dead on dart to Price in the endzone. People were starting to see the genius they only heard about. The Bills continued to play well and finished relatively strong, however they did lose their last 2 games and missed an opportunity to get their asses kicked at Indianapolis in the playoffs.

Now, 1 year later, this is Losman's team, the veterans are gone, the leadership role is unfilled, and Losman needs to take the next step. He learned how to win last year and this year needs to learn how to lead a team. He should have better protection with a revamped offensive line, and a running back that will now probably be willing to block for him and GASP catch the ball out of the backfield!

Not just learning to lead, Losman also needs to learn more fundamental quarterbacking skills like changing plays at the line, and according to reports will be able to do that this season. Between that and continuing to maintain a pocket presence, avoiding the big hit, and maintain his composure Losman has the skills to surprise much of the league this year. That means 10 wins and a playoff birth. Sure there is the possibility he takes a step back, Evans has a down year, Lynch is a bust, but who wants to predict that?

Behind Losman there isn't much else. By not much else I mean zero starts between back up Craig Nall and recently drafted 3rd rounder Trent Edwards. Sure Craig Nall was a Bret Favre protege but he has yet to start an NFL game and in fact has only made 6 appearances in the NFL, all in filler time while in Green Bay. If the worst happens and Losman goes down with an injury I will panic but it won't be dooms day. He appears to be sufficiently skilled and was drafted out of the football power house that is Northwestern State so he has the pedigree err.

On to back up back up Trent Edwards. Green isn't even the color to describe T-Eds. What we do know: he's smart, he went to Stanford, the Stanford Cardinals football team sucked, and Edwards took a beating and got hurt a lot. Look for him to sit on the bench for 2 seasons, get bit parts in 2009 and hopefully traded, great move Marv and Co.


  1. Boy where you ever wrong... trade Losman. The teams not going anywhere any time soon. Stick with the rookie deal Losman and build for next year. JP just doesn't have what it takes and I've lost all hope in his ability to make plays out there. (It was a great move by Marv Levy ... all he's done since he got here is bring in solid talent ... Whitner, Posluszny, Lynch, Simpson, and Edwards ... If they stay together and he can add a few pieces, CB or run-stuffing DT ... watchout for years to come)

  2. Haha,

    Re-Read the article. Good guess there. You were sure right about "T-Eds".