Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Buffalo bills offseason current roster

by Steve

(here is part 1 pending free agents)

The Buffalo Bills roster is in shambles. Our very own 92 year old owner basically said the same today: " I know it’s not going to be an instant turnaround. I think it will take two or three years to have a playoff team — and that’s if we get a quarterback.” Uhhhhggggg ahh. Well at least he is a realist and apparently sees what I see.

Look no further than the front seven. It quite possibly is the worst in the league and perhaps one of the worst in the history of the Buffalo Bills. They have no choice but to target multiple linebackers, defensive ends AND defensive tackles in the draft and free agency (if/when that ever starts).

They cut Marcus Stroud because he isn't worth $5.5 mil. I agree, but there is no one behind him on the depth chart that is an upgrade. Spencer Johnson still has two years and about $8 mill left on his contract. Cutting him would be counter productive but he has not lived up to his contract. 2010 3rd round pick Alex Carrington needs more playing time and he needs to produce. Stouds departure has to be somewhat of a good sign and a testament to the team's belief in big AC. They also need to replace John McCargo's roster spot not McC himself since he never really existed, right?

Wait, is this team a 3-4 or a 4-3? I am getting mixed signals to say the least. First they sign Stachstedt, a prototypical 4-3 and we have Gailey saying things like "“I want to the best defensive player on the board,” he said. “I don’t want to just be in the category of 3-4 linebacker or 4-3 linebackers I want to be the best defensive player on the board.” And then you have Nix saying things like this "We're a 3-4. We're scouting for a 3-4. And if we wind up with people we need to play in a four-man front some, we will."

Ahh, my head hurts. All of this double talk and speaking out of both sides of the mouth means this team doesn't have enough talent for either defense. They are stuck with certain players (Kyle Williams, Chris Kelsay, Spencer, maybe Poz) that don't fit a 3-4 and a bunch of draft picks that aren't making a big enough difference to warrant a full time 3-4.

Enough with the god awful front seven, how about that amazing secondary? McGee is consistent at one thing, being hurt. Whitner is probably gone, Florence is 50/50 at best, Byrd took a big step back last year and McKelvin was not an impact player in 2010. This team could use a healthy circa 2007 Terrence McGee, an upgrade over Whitner, which may or may not be tough to do, and for McKelvin to show he was worth the #11 pick. A sustained pass rush would help this unit tremendously. Don't hold your breath.

Oh yeah, the offense! Pretty easy, find a quarterback you love at #3 (doesn't exist) or hope someone (Mallet) falls to #34. Play Fitz for a year, believe Stevie Johnson didn't have a one year wonder esque season, that Evans will bounce back and the other young wide receivers +Easley (who) continue to build on 2010. Attain a tightend at nearly any cost, target a right (or left) tackle and look to upgrade the guard position with Eric Wood apparently moving to center permanently.

Oh and Cam Newton lovers, suck on this.


  1. Bigger demand: Cam Newton at #3, or my Whitner nameplates from my authentic jerseys when he walks?

  2. Cammmmmyyyy lets get himmmmm next aaron rodgers

  3. Von Miller @ 3 and Jake Locker @ 34 and the Bills future would be less sad. Dareus would be a worse pick than Maybin.

  4. cam newton next aaron rodgers?


  5. Cam Newton and Vince Young are the same. Sign Young and his balloon head rather than draft Newton if Nix wants to prove he was a bad hire.

  6. why would i want aaron rodgers? he sat on the bench for what 4 years ? fuck that we need to win in 2012 not 2014. oh and fuck cam newton


  7. Janis we haven't won since 1999. What's another decade of mediocrity?