Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stevie Johnson Meltdown?

by Steve

It all started yesterday on the Jim Rome Show when Stevie Johnson, the Bills beloved overrated wide receiver bragged about not lifting weights since the combine before he was drafted. Rome asked him if he was serious and he continued that his only work out in the offseason is basketball and running around the block with his wife.

Um, what?  I mean yeah the guy plays hurt and doesn't miss games but he isn't some superstar with break away speed and crazy stats.  Furthermore, the Bills were talking about putting him in the slot before Gailey was fired. So, why are you bragging about ignoring the team's offseason work out program?

So of course the fallout began right after WGR replayed his comments all afternoon.  Schopp and the Bulldog ripped him all afternoon and rightly questioned his leadership and intelligence in airing such questionable information.  Then SJ13 went off on twitter:

schopp and bulldog: ive done shows w/those clowns 2 yrs straight. they should have a much greater sense of the effort i put in for Buffalo

poodle and chap along with everyone who've witnessed me work in training camp, prac., and during games should know i give everything on SUN.
torn groin. torn ligaments in fingers. hamstring. torn rib cartilage. shoulder injuries. etc. etc. How many games have i missed? chap & mut
 my wrkouts are Uncomplicated, Simplified and Effective for Stevie Johnson. individually ive done ok. im advancing my work; hopefully it help
i don't lift weights... 'Whoopee' ill not workout for an entire year and still run circles around these keyboard olympians chap and poodle.

Haha damnn, clowns, keyboard olympians, chap and mut, chap and poodle.  So much for their regular Monday show, Mike Schopp, Bulldog and Stevie Johnson.  Cold bloodedddd.

Nothing from Schopp or Bulldog yet today but "Chap" did have some stuff yesterday: The Stevie comments are flat-out outrageous. "Who knows what would happen if I really put in work?"!! Know when to put the pom-pons down." "Why wasn't Stevie Johnson drafted higher?" "I wonder how hard Wes Welker works in the off-season."

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  1. Yeevie haha been telling you fools for 3 years this guy is a loser ... Same as Eric moulds and led Evans.. Wow such losers.. Loser after loser.. Sj is a joke told sano yesterday I'd ship him for a 5th today. What a dumb bitch