Thursday, June 20, 2013

The NBA Is Rigged

By Steve

While it may not explicitely be a fixed league it most certainly is an implicitly fixed sports league.  The better team lost the NBA championship when the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio spurs in game 7, fact.

The idea that the greastest basketball player on the planet, allegedly, had to go to a piece of shit city, Miami, and surround himself with top 4 draft picks, multiple time all stars and a bench no one else could attract definitively proves the NBA is rigged.

In what world does the greatest player, allegedly, have to insulate himself with other all stars to succeed? He couldn't win in Cleveland so he took the easy way out and barely won 66% of his title opportunities?

What kind of league is structured this way? What is the point of being a fan in 20+ cities when all the good errr "great" players can cook up a scam to create their own championship team?

Lebron James is no all time great player.  He is a punk ass bitch pussy that took the easy way out. I am not watching the NBA any more.


  1. I am with u on this kobe has only played with one top 12 player shaq Michael only played with one top 12 player pippen hakeem played with one top 12 player Drexler while LeBron needs 2 top 12 guys to beat the spurs he is overrated I hope wade breaks his leg this offseason and see how they do I to am done with the nba

  2. Um, if the Spurs made a few more shots, would you then love the NBA? Either you are writing this on pure emotion or it took you three years to figure this out. The outcome of game 7 should not have changed your opinion one way or the other. Be proactive, not reactive.

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