Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Bills 2013 Free Agents

by Steve

A slow long boring offseason is upon us Bills fans early in January as per usual.  Since there is always something to talk about, lets talk about the Bills free agents heading into the offseason and what Whaley should do:

Jairus Byrd S
You gotta sign the guy. Whether that means $8+ mil and franchising his ass again so be it.  After being a second team All Pro a second time the guy is going to want top dollar.  There is no better replacement so if they don't keep him the position will 100% be worse.  When you don't have to over pay a quarterback (mostly because they haven't had a good one in 15 years) you should be able to use money to over pay other dudes.  Byrd needs to be over paid.

Jim Leonhard S
Do I really want the Bills to RESIGN Jim Leon-hard?!? Wow.  He is a decent back up/role player and has been on winning teams.  Keep him around on the cheap.

Alex Carrington DE/DT
He is coming off a bad injury after just two games.  He is only 26 and seems to fit the defensive scheme.  Does any other team even know who this guy is?  Give him a one year deal and see what happens.

Arthur Moats OLB
Good guy bad player.  The Bills need wayyy better linebackers.

Scott Chandler TE
This guy is the definition of average.  He was the 26th highest paid player at his position and will want a raise after posting decent stats (53 655) but only had two touchdowns. Peace out dawg, the Bills need to get better.

Frank Summers FB
Is a fullback really needed in this offense?  I'd rather have another decent running back.  It comes down to Evan Rodriguez or Frankie.

Dan Carpenter K
The Bills have a young draftee stashed on the IR and I wouldn't be surprised if the Bills want to prove that Dusty Hopkins was worth a 6th round selection. Carps killed it this year and may get a big contract.  I'd say Kid Rock is worth it, fuck Hopkins.

Brian Moorman P
Give me a break. Punters are a dime a dozen.  This isn't a league where sentimentality means a god damn thing.  Find someone bigger younger and better.

Thomas Welch OT
No clue, is he better than Pears?  Anyone realize Pears and Cordy G started every snap this season?

Antoine McClain G
Exclusive rights FA, bring him into camp.

Chris 7/11 Hogan WR
Ha, peace out brotha

Still too early to really analyze the free agency class so I'm not even going to bother yet.  Bring back 6 of the eleven free agents avoid free agent wide receivers and concentrate on a linebacker and a cornerback.

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