Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mike Babcock Leverages Sabres for more money from Leafs

By Steve

Those sneaky Toronto Maple Leafs! Evidently Mike Babcock used the Sabres as leverage to get more money from the queefs instead of actually wanting to coach the Buffalo Sabres and leave Detroit. Fuck em then

It appears the bottomline was control. Can Babcunt have total control of the roster like he will have in Toronto or still have to report to Tim Murray in Buffalo. True money may have had some impact but when has that ever caused Terrence Pegula to acquieces?

The bottom bottom line is this:

Who would you rather have, Mike Babcock or Tim Murray?

Babcunt has won and won quite a bit, Tim Murray is an unknown quantity with little track record of success (unless you consider 30th place success).

Should Pegula have stepped in fired Murray and lept into Babcock's arms like a romatic beach movie scene? Id say probably. Ouch. In GMTM they trust I guess.

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