Friday, January 8, 2016

The Bills and Their Tough 2016 Schedule

By Steve

The world is ending! The Bills have the 10th most difficult schedule next season! The Bills had an easy schedule last year and didnt even come close to making the playoffs, as the narrative goes thus they have little to no chance next season. Hmm really?

Before the 2015 season started the Bills had the 19th hardest schedule. Their opponents were 124-131-1 in 2014. The Bills played a second place schedule with the AFC South and NFC East.

The Bills went 8-8, 3-1 vs the AFC South and 1-3 vs the NFC East for a mediocre at best 4-4. But their opponents as a whole went a respectable 130-126 in 2015.

And how did the gauntlet that is their 2016 opponents do in 2015? 133-123. A mere 3 games better than last years easy schedule!

Teams fluctuate from year to year (ya know except the fucking Patriots) and last years records dont defintely mean next years will be tough.

The Bills play a 3rd place schedule, the NFC West (where 2 teams will likely make lengthy playoff runs) and the AFC North.

Bottom line? The schedule will probably be about as tough as it was last year and we need Belichick and Brady to die errr retire.

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