Monday, May 16, 2016

Shaq Lawson a Bust, Fire Doug Whaley

By Steve

Nothing should shock us by now right? The fact that the Buffalo Bills drafted a guy that needs surgery and basically will have ZERO impact on this season shouldnt be shocking. In fact it is to be expected. The best part is that they lied to everyone or are 100% completely incompetant.

Hahahha hilarious. Doug Whaley has absolutely no clue what so ever what he is doing. NONE! Draft a guy when he was falling like a stone, everyone with a brain says he needs surgery before the season and what does Dougy do? Drafts him, trots him around EVERYWHERE has him tell every media outlet alive that his shoulder is perfectly fine then he has one walk through at rookie camp and he's destined for IR.

Doug Whaley is a clown.

This may not be as bad as drafting CJ Spiller Marshawn Lynch or getting baited into drafting Willis Mcgahee but it might be. Its as bad as giving away a 1st round pick for the 3rd best WR in he draft class!

And I didnt want the Bills to waste the pick on a bum QB like Paxton Lynch! Yikes! This franchise is an abomination.

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  1. You are an idiot. You can't even bring up the real busy picks we have wasted. Watkins is one of the best wide outs in the game, yet you're hating. You used Lynch as a busy example but the dude might make the hall of fame. If you're looking for busted picks where is your John McCargo reference? How about Aaron Maybin? You know nothing about football and are one of those people that just botch about everything. If you think Sammy Watkins is a bust, stop watching football.