Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Terry Pegula Answers the TOUGH QUESTIONS

By Steve

Gotta love Terry Pegula answering the TOUGH QUESTIONS on his paid for 5 hour commercial on WGR550 from 10am to 3pm with his lackeys as the hosts.

Injuries? Not as bad as last year!

Internal strife? No way Jose! Its just positive conversations.

I watch film with Rex!

Russ Brandon running both franchises despite "being a baseball guy" has been great! Raise prices, lose fail repeat!

16 years of no playoffs? No no no. To my mind it has only been 1!

Im glad the Rams went back to LA!

This whole thing is the biggest fairy tail ive ever seen. The guy never faces the media, never answers a tough questions and instead buys 5 hours on commercials from 10am to 3 pm every day on the only local sports station in town. Incredible.

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