Friday, December 9, 2016

Steelers at Bills Preview

By Steve

No podcast this week so ill "blog". The 7-5 Pittsburgh Steelers and their shitty stupid yellow napkins come into town with the Bills "playoff [lol] hopes" on life support. A literal must win game.

Does anyone expect the Bills to win? They never win games in December against good teams, they never make the playoffs and they never surprise (in a good way).

It is winnable. Then again everyone thought last week in Oakland was winnable. But wait wasn't it? They were up 15 points in the 2nd half and winning in the 4th quarter. WHY DID THEY PASS ON 1ST AND 10 FROM THEIR OWN 3? Why can tiny Ty never make the winning play when we need it? But I digress.

The spread is only Shittsburgh -3 (opened at -2) and Rapelisraper and co. arent good on the road.. so why shouldnt the Bills be able to win? Oh yeah the coach sucks, the QB sucks and whats worse the defense sucks.

Going in to the season what did most people say? Tyrod Taylor needs to take a step, the defense needs to be MUCH better and they cannot afford injuries to WRs and the secondary. And what happened?

Tiny Ty has stayed the same (or even a bit worse) the receiver corps has been dismantled by injuries (Watkins, Woods, Powell, Goodwin, even fuckin Percy came back [i think], all were hurt and missed games). The CBs havent been hurt but they have regressed and the safety position (after Aaron Williams went down as expected) has been a blackhole of dispair.

The big games the Bills lost: 31-25 to Seattle, 38-24 to Oakland and 28-25 to Miami. 24, 24, 25 points. Isnt that supposed to be enough points for a Rex Ryan defense to win? Isn't it??

Is anyone surprised by any of this? Anyone with a brain saw what they had with Taylor but hoped for the best. They fired their god damn offensive coordinator 2 weeks (5 days) into the season!

This isnt supposed to be a complete defense of Taylor but he is who we thought he was. He is a 6 to 10 win QB on a Rex Ryan coached team with some great players, some awful players and a ceiling of 11 wins. They needed everything said above to occur to get to he playoffs and it didnt happen.

If anything, they are on pace to beat my prediction of 8-8 with a legit look at 10-6. 9-7 is probably the most likely result but beating a good (not great) Steelers team at home in December in a big game should and probably will tell us everything we need to know about this Rex/TT era.

If they lose, it wont be the end definitively, but the call for change will erupt (especially with an ugly loss) loudly. What do you think (based on the last 17 years) will be the result of this game?

Steelers 31
Bills 22

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