Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bills Hire Sean McDermott as Head Coach

By Steve

Generic defensive minded white boy from formally successful football team in a different conference was hired today by the Bills. He's bald, young (42) and reportedly impressed Pegula. Yippee!

Well, lets see where I ranked him:
"3. Sean McDermott

For some unknown reason I like this dude. Hes a defensive coach and has had a lot of talent to work with but he's young and.. been to a Super Bowl?"

Ohh, not bad! Wait do we know anything about this dude? Then again does anyone? Maybe his wife?

Whether he is an offensive guy, defensive guy, special teams whatever it doesnt matter. What matters is his decision making. Does he coach and think like its 2017 or like Rex and think its still 1997? Does any of this even matter with seemingly no quarterback, a GM on his 9th life and Whaley seemingly being usurped yet again by his owner? Is McDermott a game changer?

Well obviously he is not a game changer but I like the hire. Is there any reason to hate it or love it? Not really, unless you really wanted an offensive minded guy as the HC.

Who will be his offensive coordinator? How will he sound at the opening presser? Will he get along with Whaley or eventually push him out? All questions with no answers. (Norv Turner was rumored. His last full season his offense finished 29th and 31st in passing in 2015 albeit with a young Ted Bridgewater) yikes.

Oh and what about the local and national story line that the Buffalo bills and their baffoon of a GM and a syncophant of an owner were a tire fire disgrace of an organization that NO ONE WOULD WANT TO GO TO? Seems like they got a guy that others were quite interested in and a name most people have heard of.

Obviously the "jury is still out" but clearly the Bills could have done better and much worse. This guy better think differently and innovatively and seemingly couldnt be worse than Rex or Dick or Chan.

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