Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tiny Tyrod Taylor Restructures to stay with Bills

By Steve

Wait, huh? The Buffalo Bills and tiny Tyrod Taylor agreed to restructure the contract he signed leas than 7 months ago to remain on the team for he foreseeable future?

Mediocrity will prevail!

While its true the Bills weren't likely to find a quarterback gauranteed to be better than Taylor for 2017 or 2018 its certainly true they could have maybe found one amd definitely found some one very similar. Who knows what the rookie QBs will do ir a journeyman or even freakin Cardale Jones. Tyrod doesnt even throw the football for christs sake.

Sure they save $6mil in cap space then yewr and continue to mortgage future cap space but this doesnt look good for Doug Whaley.  He just drew up this contract last August and now there was NO WAY they could roll with TTT under those terms? Hmm.

At least they got him to restructure but who is calling the shots over there? Does Doug Whaley have a fuckin clue? He drafted Erik Manuel who is better suited to be a janitor, he draws up a contract that voids Taylor's original contract after 2 years and then extends him only to want to reneg on that contract?

Maybe its better that they bring back Tyrod and Whaley for another year. They'll win their normal 7.5 games cut TTT, fire Whaley and decide on the future QB with a new GM.


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