Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Week 1 NFL Picks

Weekly NFL picks contest 2017 week 1 pick 4 bets and Bills (or Bills r included) leggo


Lions +2.5 v Cardinals
Falcons -6.5 @ Bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Jets +8 @ Bills


Bills -8 v Jets
Browns +9 v Steelers
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Redskins  +1 v Eagles


Falcons -6.5 @ bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Packers -3 v Seahawks
Min -3.5 v Saints
Bills -8 v Jets


Panthers -4.5
Bills -8 v Jets
Eagles -1 @ Redskins
Cardinals -2.5 @ Lions
La Rams -4.5 v Colts

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