Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What Is Phillip Rivers Value to the Spead vs the Bills

By Steve

With Phillip Rivers in concussion protocal I proposed the question of Rivers value to the spread in this Sunday's game vs the Bills. If Rivers is out and Kellen Clemens was the starter what will the line be. Here was @covers or covers.com response:

"Immediately, probably five to six points. So if he was ruled out, Bolts drop to +1.5 vs. Bills. Then what the public does with the line after the adjustment is the true indication of his worth to the spread. They could bet Buffalo all the way to -3.5, making his worth 8 points.

Before he went into concussion protocol the Chargers were 4, 4.5 point favorites, depending on the book. Now OFF everywhere. We expect if he's announced as out the Chargers will become short home dogs."

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