Friday, March 8, 2019

Antonio Brown Tells Bills to Fuck Off

By Steve

The Bills reportedly traded for Antonio Brown last night. Then Antonio Brown heard he was being traded to Buffalo and told them to kick rocks. Basically he said he'd never show up and the traded was nixed. All with it 7 hours the trade was as if it never happened.

This is a stain on the franchise. This is a huge embarrassment. The worst part is the Bills, their owner, the GM, the underlings etc dont even know they are  a fuckin joke.

The Buffalo Bills arent even in the NFL. They are lucky to be confused with an AAF team.

To think the Bills would be able to trade for Antonio Brown and he would want to play here volunarily (ya know not as a hostage with a billion dollars and a gun to his head) is laughable.

What about all the talk about wanting the right kind of player? What about the locker room? Building chemistry? Team first guys? The right kind of player? OHHHH ACTUALLY TALENT MATTERS AND THE REST OF THAT SHIT IS JUST MADE UP BULLSHIT?

This franchise is a joke

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