Monday, November 5, 2007


by Steve

WOWOWWWW What a turn around. God I hope you already heard..


Bills/ Pats Game Moved To Sunday Night
Greg Bauch - Monday, November 5, 2007 - 12:39 PM

WGR550- The NFL "flexible" schedule begins on Sunday November 18th and Buffalo will be bumped to prime time.

The League announced today that the game between the Bills and Patriots in Buffalo will now begin at 8:15. It was originally scheduled to be a 1 o'clock game.

The league had originally released Chicago @ Seattle as the "placeholder" game that night, but it will now be rescheduled as an afternoon contest."

Yes the Buffalo Bills will be getting moved to prime time at home in 2007! Sure its probably just because the Gay-triots are 9-0 or something but still, the game is being played in Buffalo in prime time on NBC in November.

Who would have thought just 4 games ago this would ever have occurred? The Bills started out 0-2, everyone was thinking after the Dallas game they would be 0-5 and the laughing stock of the league. NOW, the NFL and the major network actually want to showcase the Bills at home in prime time.

The raucous exciting experience the fans gave on Monday Night could have had a little to do with it, the Bills 3 game winning streak, Lynch, who knows but I doubt this game was moved for the sole purpose of showcasing the Patriots in prime time.

Another worry is that the Bills will get embarrassed in prime time at home. But isn't that what we all thought when Tony Homo and Co came to town? It was one of the most exciting games of the season to say the least.

Whatever the reason, Bills Nation will be ready next Sunday partying all day, louder than ever and I can not wait. (Now hopefully the Bills take care of business this Sunday vs Miss Cleo and Co.)


  1. The only reason this game was moved is because Chicago is bad and New England is undefeated.

  2. STFU "rash" chicago is like the 3rd largest market and in the playoff race moving this game shows there is respect for the Bills and Buffalo.. highest rated cable program of the year to date? Cowboys @ Bills


  3. Yeah seriously Colin Cowherd, you don't know what you're talking about. If the Bills beat Miami on Sunday, they'll have won 4 in a row and 5 of 6. You don't think that factors into the decision at all? If it were Patriots at Ravens (or Bengals or Raiders or Broncos, etc.) there's no way they would have switched that game to Sunday night and all of those teams receive more national media attention than Buffalo. Sure, New England being undefeated plays a big role here, but so does the fact that the Bills should (hopefully) be on a roll and the best night game of the year so far (Sunday or Monday) was Bills-Cowboys, another game in which nobody gave the Bills a chance.

  4. The only two games worth watching in Week 11 are NYG at Detroit and New England at Buffalo.

    Let me know how much respect Green Bay/Dallas gets Week 13 and New York/New England gets Week 17 when 70% of the country won't be able to watch it.

    I think a potential 5-4 Bills team going into Sunday night would be fabulous, but they've beaten the 1-8 Jets, will have beaten the soon-to-be 0-9 Dolphins, 4-4 Ravens, and the 2-6 Bengals. Although Buffalo's first three games were brutal, the remaining schedule (save the Dolphins) doesn't necessarily favor the Bills.

  5. rash bash is lost