Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sabres on a war path who ha

By Steve

Alllll a board! The Buffalo Sabres bandwagon might be making a few extra trips this week if the Sabres continue to (gasp) score and win games. Sure they are still in 2nd last place in the conference and are 14 points out of first place, but they are on a three game winnings streak.

The Sabres won again last night in HSBC arena against the Habs to push a modest winnings streak to 3 games. Granted two of the games were sandwiched between a major holiday and perhaps the opposing team playing on the road had more of a disadvantage but the Sabres highly paid scorers actually showed up for a change. That and only that is some small cause of celebration. Well that and the long awaited return of point producer Tin Can Connolly.

Even more on the bright side is the fact that the Sabres have played the second fewest games in the Conference AND its only November. So there is still plenty of time for the team to, ya know, get into the playoff picture at least.

Tonight might be a bit more of a litmus test for this team, as they play on the road in an electric atmosphere after playing the night before. If they win this win, then I'd be brave enough to say they have truly turned the proverbial corner at least a tad.

BUT if they lose, and in embarrassing fashion, which isn't necessarily probable or likely it could happen. Then everyone will be calling for Maxi Pad's head. Or they will point out that their $10 million man Tommy Vanek is on pace for 20 goals a fourth of the way through the season.

Either way you can pretty much guarantee Darc/Quinny are going to fuck it up some how. They'll bide their time with their thumbs up their asses, pretend to negotiate with Brian Cambell posture about Maxi's status around the trade deadline and eventually pick up Bob Corkum out of the East Coast hockey league or somethin.

I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination that tonight is a must win especially with two following games against St Louis and Washington, but then they go out a tough far west road trip and a real barn burner Dec 1 at home against Carolina.

Damn it though, I was gonna rag on how they couldn't sell out cause there was a rumor there were still tickets available Friday afternoon but it appears from and that the game did in fact sell out. Congrats Tommy G!

Bills podcast? Don't hold your breath but we'll see.

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