Monday, September 20, 2010

Bills Packers Reaction

I couldn't agree with Steve more about how each and every week this team makes you care less and less. I have never cared less about a week 2 Bills game in my entire life. There was literally a 0% chance that the Bills were going to win the football game. There is a less than 5% chance that the Bills will win next week and the only reason why it is above 0% is because Chan the Man benched the pond scum that is number five.

Trent Edwards turned in another stellar performance. It was average for his standards though. Really, this guy has reached a level of ineptitude that has never before been seen in this league at the position. Can you please name one QB to ever play in the league who will run out of bounds on 4th and 11 down by 27 points in the 4th quarter right near the line of scrimmage? What kind of _____ would ever do that? I laughed to myself. It wasn't even surprising. I didn't even ask myself "what is he doing?" because it was just so typical of this idiot's career. Is Lee Evans never open? I cannot convince myself that Evans is so bad that he is never open. He is making $9M per year. Through two games Lee Evans has 4 catches for 34 yards. He is on pace for 32 catches and 272 yards for the season. $9M per year...and he had zero catches yesterday. Edwards threw his way one time the whole game. He is too busy shitting his pants as soon as he gets the snap to look down field. I got an email from a friend of mine at work today saying that he wished Evans got back to the huddle, ripped Edwards' helmet off and started repeatedly punching him in the face. Honestly, how great would that be? Imagine Evans, who is the consummate professional, comes back to the huddle after Edwards checked down for a 1 yard loss to Spiller while he was running wide open through the secondary, and proceeds to rip Trent's helmet off and then just punched him in the face relentlessly.

The best part is, the rest of the offense would just stand there and watch. If the coaches came out to try and break it up, the offensive line would hold them back so Evans can keep punching Edwards in the face. That would be the best possible scenario for the rest of the season for me...too bad Edwards is benched now though so we won't be able to see it.

Is it just me or has Chan Gailey seemed like a failure so far? Trent Edwards easily won the QB "competition" in the preseason and now is benched after two games? The guy who ran away with the competition in preseason started two games. Also, Gailey's first round draft pick is strictly a kickoff returner? He comes in week 1 thinking Spiller can carry the load. That blew up in his face. Then week 2, the guy who barely played week 1, Marshawn Lynch is the work horse? In his press conference today he said Lynch played more because of the packages they wanted to use. What does that even mean? It seems like he is changing his mind every single week on what he is trying to do. I hate to say it, but I agree with Steve (that was painful to say) but Spiller was a terrible, terrible, terrible pick. Speak of terrible picks...Aaron Maybin continuing to warrant that 11th overall pick last year. Orakpo, Cushing, Matthews anyone?

If you watched the game there is no doubt you saw Chris Kelsay trying to cover Jermichael Finley. Is that a joke? Seriously, was Kelsay really trying to run down field with Finley? On what world does that seem like a good idea? We really had a defensive package that resulted in Kelsay covering Finley? Does anyone have a single answer to any of these questions? God, I hate this team. Isn't it common f'ing sense that Chris Kelsay can't cover a tight end, let alone Finley.

Hey, Gailey/Edwards...Kelsay cannot cover an NFL tight end. NFL TEAMS HAVE REAL TIGHT ENDS. He may be able to cover STUPAR in practice BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN COVER FINLEY, OR ANYONE ELSE, BECAUSE OTHER NFL TEAMS HAVE REAL PLAYERS AT TIGHT END. How is this guy still on the team? HOW? $5M per year...somehow he might be less productive than Evans per dollar earned and Lee is going to average about $250K per catch this year.

Did I mention how good Trent Edwards is? If I didn't here's another stat, he has averaged 4.63 yards per attempt this season. That is ranked dead last in the NFL by a mile. As I mentioned earlier, Ryan Fitzpatrick will start Sunday at New England. Thank God. YesFitz is terrible too but at least he would throw it up for grabs before he ran out of bounds on 4th and 11 down 27 in the 4th quarter. He also might try and throw to our number one receiver, even if it is in triple coverage. Odds are he will overthrow him by 4 yards or throw it right to a Patriot defender, but at least he will throw it. The rare bright spot in all of this is that no one will be subjected to another Trent post game press conference, because he is probably the biggest douche bag in the league.

A few final thoughts...Lynch and Jackson ran the ball well, the Bills should have ran it every single play. Use the wish bone, or the wing T or the triple option...they should have done something to take it out of idiot's hands. The Bills defensive line has looked good so far. Brandon Jackson did pretty much nothing the whole game. That is two weeks in a row the Bills defense did a solid job bottling up the run.

They just seemed to wear down in the 2nd half and you can't really blame them. Donte Whitner though continues to prove why he was a bust at number 8. A safety that highly drafted needs to intercepts that pass that hit Whitner in the chest in the first half and takes it to the house. A safety who is drafted late first and is a decent NFL player is in position but drops it...Whitner just isn't worthy of a top 10 pick. Then again, what draft pick this decade has warranted where they were drafted besides Kyle Williams in the 5th round.

The Bills are going to be 0-3 guaranteed. They are most likely going to be 0-4 depending on what Jets team actually shows up. The Ralph is going to be 50% capacity for the Jaguars game. After the Jets game, every single home game the rest of the year will be blacked out except the Steelers game and that is only because there will be 45K Steelers fans at the game. Can anyone find a win on the schedule? I certainly can't.


  1. huge post coast gailey sucks

  2. "The best part is, the rest of the offense would just stand there and watch. If the coaches came out to try and break it up, the offensive line would hold them back so Evans can keep punching Edwards in the face. "

    You think the offensive line could block the coaches? I don't think they could block a pee-wee squad personally.

  3. Lee Evans made $500,000 on Sunday. Trent Edwards "ran away" with the QB job in training camp because he was up against a shit d line that was most likely half-assing it. Paul Poz is a joke. any way we can get Mularkey back?

  4. Good point, Ryan, I guess I didn't take that into account. I don't think the coaches would really care if Evans was beating the shit out of Edwards anyways so they wouldn't try and break it up.


  5. I wonder how bad it has to get for Gailey to be fired after the season. He was a typical Bills move or hire. Marty wanted the fucking job. At least he makes the team relevant. Nevermind that he gets the benefit of the doubt. Gailey doesn't because he fits the mold of A typical Bills move.

    How did the Bills expect to get better? Dwan Edwards and Andra Davis are NFL players but who are the difference makers? Potentially Byrd and McKelvin but where else? Who on this team even as they attempt to go 0-16 will be fun to watch? Spiller if they decide that he should be used like Chris Johnson and not Tedd Ginn/Reggie Bush. Still that's a big "if," Does anybody in the organization even have a pulse? Does anybody on the roster have a pulse?

    Aaron Maybin sprinting down field and acting like he's Bruce Smith in the preseason is only trumped by Donte Whitner jumping in on the pile as the most pathetic thing a Bills player does.

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