Friday, November 12, 2010

A Must Win for the Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Yes, this is a must win for the Buffalo Bills. They are 0-8, they want the #1 overall pick, they are already out of the playoffs and every L they get moves them closer to Andrew Luck (hopefully). I get all that. But do we really wanna go 0-16? I don't and one victory won't end our chances at the top spot in the draft any way.

Looking at the schedule this will be the last game the Buffalo Bills are favored all season. Etch that into a piece of wood. This is there last good chance at a victory. Stafford is out, the Lions have lost 24 straight on the road and the game is actually in Erie County.

We're all about numb to all of the losing at this point but zero triumphs in an entire season? That is beyond disheartening it is beyond embarrassing. I couldn't stomach it. Losing to Shaun Hill and an albatross of a squad as the Detroit Lions would be icing on a poop popsicle. Don't we want to leave the Ralph once this season after a win? I for one miss having a post game beer in celebration rather than to drowned my sorrows. Win one for the gipper!


  1. Last chance at a win? Next week the Bengals is a winnable game. Favre is better at sending pics of his junk chucking the rock.

  2. Shaun Hill has never lost in orchard park.

  3. Bills finish with at least 3 wins. They're a playoff team in the NFC.

  4. Yes. They're going to run the table in reverse. It's going to happen if they don't win tomorrow. If Buffalo can't defeat a backup quarterback, then they will lose out. I love it