Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills podcast postgame

Steve and Coast react to yet another heart breaking defeat in over time after the Bills lose to the Steelers 19-16

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  1. Wouldn't it be "Dad and I" not "me and my dad"

    You were 3 or 4 when Harmon play happened, you didn't know what happened besides what you saw on YouTube

  2. I have probably watched the end of that game 100 times on video and have watched it zero times on YouTube. Besides, does it matter? Did you just listen to a 20 minute podcast to comment on the grammar i used? You are correct, I should have used "Dad and I." Get a life.

  3. coast ur a fuckign jokkeeeeee..... who cares??? get a fukin life/// u ask is it always going to be like this? yes it will because you like loser fucking quarterbacks that do 'fine' hahhahaha nice fucking life/// u make me sick... were the buffalo bills.. and u expect differently when u have this old douche ' coach chan gailey' running the show/// hahahahhahahahaha.. if i talk tabout this game in 20 years my life is a failure.. i was more concerned with the bartenders ass than whether mr stevey caught that pass.. i dindt even know leodis fumbled til listening to this.. give it up... keepp getting tickets and wasitng ur money hahahahahahah wowwww worst podcast of all fucking time

  4. mr tomlin, stfu and stick to cinci football or move to vegas and pretend to be a football insider or big or whatever they call em

  5. Got those functional contributors on this blog

  6. "The biggest drop in the AFC has occurred in Buffalo, where attendance is off 11.2 percent since last year." - PFT