Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bills vs. Browns Rivalry Renewed


The battle of Lake Erie has been decidedly one sided of late. The Bills are on a 3 game losing streak against the Cleveland Browns and haven't beaten the Browns since 2004. The Browns actually had a 21 game stretch between 2008 and 2009 in which they won 2 football games total...both against the Bills and both in Orchard Park. All of these games were memorable for how ugly they were, or how ugly the play was by the quarterback.

The last important December football game the Bills played was December 16, 2007 in Cleveland. They lost 8-0 in a white out. The Bills ran a screen pass in a blizzard on 4th and goal with their season on the line. The Bills actually threw the ball more than they ran it in this game. Just add this game to the list of head scratchers under Jauron.

The next season, the Bills started red hot and then fell apart. The collapse was given an exclamation point on Monday Night Football with a 29-27 home loss to the Browns. Trent Edwards played the worst game in the history of the league, I still stand by that. Trent was 16-26 148 yards 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. These numbers are bad but if you watched the game, the numbers don't do it justice. 10 of Edwards' 16 completions were to Marshawn Lynch. Lee Evans had 0 receptions. This game not only put the finishing touches on the 2008 season collapse but was the game that ended Trent Edwards hopes of being an NFL quarterback.

In 2009, the Bills and Browns reached a new all time low...the Browns beat the Bills 6-3. This was one of the worst games ever played in NFL history. Derek Anderson was 2-17 with 23 yards and an interception...and won the football game. The Bills had 9 false starts. Roscoe fumbled a punt. Trent played like Trent. The Bills lost 10,000 season ticket holders from last year and it probably has something to do with them having to waste 4 hours of their life watching this game.

So can the Bills stop this embarrassing streak this afternoon? Well, the Bills do have one thing going for them, Trent Edwards isn't playing quarterback. He was the one constant through the 3 game embarrassment. This Cleveland team may be better than any of these other Browns teams. I know, the 2007 Browns went 10-6, but this year's team beat the defending champions on the road 30-17 and trounced the Patriots at home 34-14. The Bills haven't had a win of this magnitude since 2003 and that was a fluke. The Browns have a running back that has been running through every defense he has faced in Peyton Hillis. It is supposed to be horrible weather, wind, freezing rain...the Browns probably won't even attempt to pass with Jake Delhomme and that isn't good news for an all time horrible Bills front 7. That said, I like the Bills in a laugher, 20-3.


  1. The absence of Lee Evans is not a "key injury." Maybe Stevie Johnson or Fred Jackson.

  2. How is Jake Delhomme in the NFL still

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