Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 end of year Buffalo awards

by Steve

It is the end of the calendar year as oppose to our fiscal 2011 but here are some awards I want to give out to those that made Buffalo 2011 shitty and good for maybe a few weeks:

Most Wishy Washy, More Hyperbolic, Worst blogger and Least Relevant of the year:
Michael "Coast" Costanza

Worst Quarterback:
Ryan Fitzy Fitz Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick

Worst Goalie:
Ryan Miller

Worst Franchise:
Buffalo Bills (narrow margin)

Worst Coach:
Lindy Ruff (after numerous recounts and validity checks)

Best Collapse:
Buffalo Bills

Most Disappointing
Buffalo Sabres

Team no one cares about
That women's soccer team that actually played in Rochester

Worst Radio Station

Best Blogger
Steve "Steve" Janis

Most Commented post
Why have the Bills not resigned SJ13

Best podcast:
BS Report

Most die hard fan

Worst Transaction of the Year:
Ville Leino $6 years $27 Million

Worst GM:
Darcy Regier

Worst Owner and most hated man in Buffalo:
Ralph C. Wilson Jr

Load up the choppers like its December 31st

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  1. Thank you for the honor, arguably the greatest thing that has happened to me in the past year