Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast break down the abysmal Buffalo Bills season and look to the future. ouch

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  1. Coast has yet to be right about the potential of a Buffalo Bill. Every "stud, pro bowler, beast" has been off the team the following year. I own you Coast.

  2. Put the baby carrots down Janis.

  3. Stevie Johnson? I coined him a stud right after we drafted him. All I needed was one YouTube highlight. I know talent.

  4. coast you love/hate fitz more than oj with nicole


  5. Wreck thanks for the shoutout buddy, Christmas came early to the Rashford household!

    While I agree with Janis that firing and hiring a new coach every two years isn't realistic, I think we can all agree Gailey was a poor hire. I can't imagine him following in Cowher's footsteps in Pittsburgh. We should have gotten Martyball before we even signed Dickie J.