Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: Who I'd Cut Now

by Steve

The Bills start training camp at St John Fisher on Thursday so this blog will be previewing it for you.  Here is who I'd cut before they even make the trek down the 90:
Josh Nesbitt - Obvious
Brian Moorman - Why not, he's just a punter.
Nick Sukay - Because he went to Penn St and was undrafted, although at least he isn't from the Pac12
Bryan Scott - Undersized, old, if you can be characterized as a tweener you already have the scissors in my hand.
Danny Batten - I don't buy it.
Naaman Rooesvelt - Local kid, I love you but you aren't good enough.
Tyler Thigpen - Not even about the money, you just suck.
Jay Ross - Only one person should have the number 71 bruh.
Marcus Easley - Hate to do it but you're ALWAYS hurt.
Fendi Onobun - Stick to basketball.
Chris Kelsay - Because I call for it every year, why change now?
Dwan Edwards - Forgot he was on the roster.

The other 77 guys are safe for now.


  1. Great analysis - you should apply to be Buddy Nix's special assistant!!!!!!!