Monday, July 2, 2012

Farewell Derek Roy

by Steve

Could there have been another trade that the Buffalo Sabres made that was more surprising, universally applauded and joy inducing?  Is it possible to not criticize Darcy Regier for a day? (Welp, they did give up a center for a winger on a team severely lacking in center depth..)

Jeez everyone hated Derek Roy.  Usually there are two sides to everything but there was really no downside to the divorce of the 'bres and ol' Roysie.  This guy was universally hated in Buffalo.  I guess him knocking out Tim Connolly just wasn't enough to win the hearts of "Sabre Nation".

The main thing most people complain about is money and how much players get paid. But that complaint does even apply here because Roy's contract was actually reasonable.  No it wasn't about the money it was about the person.

The guy was always out and about on Chippewa.  He was a diver, always complained, Bulldog from WGR absolutely hated him (did he pants you bro?) and complained about him daily, he never went in the corner, he didn't seem to really give a shit.  He was an asshole.

I can safely say that to most fans it didn't even really matter who the Sabres got in return for #9, people just wanted him off the team, addition by subtraction so to speak.  So really, anything the Sabres get out of Steve Ott for the next two years is gravy.

Ott is tough, takes face offs and gets penalties. I assume he will be described as a "typical Buffalo guy" ad nauseum. Whatever that means. Well, assuming Lindy Ruff doesn't ruin him like he does every single other player that is acquired here.  So welcome to Buffalo Stevisie (that's your new nick name) oh and we hate Dallas, still.

Now, Darc, make a move for a legit center or goal scorer above 5'8, fire the coach and move Miller or another "core" player.  And/or sell high on Tyler Myers now before he fails to live up to his lofty expectations, it's bound to happen.


  1. I didn't really hate Roy, but I'm not sad to see him go. I agree, what we really need is a strong center. Ott will be a great addition to the grit of the team but we really need a center.

  2. Great move by Darcy this team needed more shitty players and less skill.

  3. He is my favorite and sad to him go.... I personally think Bulldog has no clue about hockey and his opinion about him means squat to me and other REAL hockey fans....he is a band wagon-er....Roy was a great player and asset to our community helping out with raising money for JDRF and Cancer patients....the sabres had a bad year all around... Miller wasn't great until the end...Vanek sucked it up big time.....hecht made serval mistakes that caused lots of goals against us, glad he is gone...we had tons of injuries too....not a good year all around .....but to say Roy was the problem is absolutely we got 2 goons who don't score, plus we just signed Scott who also isn't a goal scorer and get rid of Roy who scored 19 goals and had 27 assists....makes no sense...he should score more than that, but now we have to rely on Vanek....I have no faith in him...even though he is the town hero for some reason... so disappointed I wasted my time reading your article...good job jumping on the band wagon....rock on...

  4. You'll want to call him Otter, not Stevsie.