Monday, December 17, 2012

13 and counting for the Bills

By Steve

Is there any chance that 50-17 drubbing by the Seahawks over the Bills in Ontario CAN turn out to be a good thing?

Doubt it. Even with, yet again, another embarrassing L against a decent but not great team I can not say Gailey is going to get fired.

That is how pathetic this franchise is.  Thirteen straight seasons sans playoffs, a 15-31 record for the coach, complete ineptitude at every spot and this franchise still hasn't fired their head coach?

What are they waiting for? Chan Gailey will be back next year! Well, unless former GM and current PR lacky Russ Brandon steps in and says fire him for ticket sales sake.

There is no doubt, the Bills are not a real franchise in the NFL. Especially not with Bud Nix and Chanwick both still employed. The only "rational" explanation for keeping Chanwick is what, continuity? 15-31?!?!?!

But hey Gailey did have a no comment about the lame fake punt late in the game.


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