Monday, December 3, 2012

Bills 34 Jaguars 18 F

By Steve

We still have two more of these to go too? FML. What a useless meaningless game. I dont recall more rain falling on me in one day than what hit me yesterday.

If I thought Gailey or anyone else was auditioning for their job next year I'd be even more depressed. But unfortunately I think both clowns, FitzGailey, will be back next year either way. So in fact these games are more useless than normal the last 12 years.

Yeah, we'll draft a qb next year but do you think these conservative dimwits who refuse to even give Tarvaris a look will trust a rookie QB to start and actually run Chanwicks offense? I think not.

Am I saying we are in a downward spiral of helplessness and no hope? Yes I am. And no that is no hyperbole. Our only hope is a new owner and you know exactly what that means.

On the positive side the Bills didnt lose to Mularchuck, Mario Williams might not be a total bust and CJ Spiller is still a beast.



  1. I honestly stopped caring don't give a fuck about this useless franchise and their bullshit December games every fucking year.. Defense always looks good in these meaningless games .. They will get owned again when we play real divisions next year fuck this stupid franchise good luck with nassib smith or murray still won't matter

  2. Re-sign Byrd and Levitre. I don't see Nix being fired but hopefully he's done after the draft and Whaley is promoted. The Bills won and Jackson had a good day but is he fucking Gailey or something? CJ Spiller was the exact kind of back that Gailey wanted when hired. Still doesn't use him.