Friday, April 4, 2014

Bills trade a 6th for WR Mike Williams

by Steve

Per internet reports the Bills have (pending a physical) traded a 6th round pick for Buffalo native wide receiver Mike Williams

As we know Williams was in a bit of an off field kerfuffle a few weeks back after getting "stabbed" by his brother.  Who knows exactly what happened there but presumably the Bills did some due diligence in regards to the incident.  Furthermore, Williams ran into trouble in December of 2013 when he caused some damage to his ex-girlfriend's crib although the charges were later reduced to a probation esque treatment program.

Williams (26 years old 6'2 216) isn't gigantic but he is a big enough target that the Bills may not go WR at 9 in the draft now.  I like the trade. A sixth round pick is literally nothing and now the options in the draft are endless.  Tight end Eric Ebron any one???!

In July of 2013 the Buccaneers gave Williams a six year $40.25 million contract albeit there was no signing bonus.  Why give a guy that huge contract then trade him one season later?  This seems to be a classic "the new coach wasn't in love with him (Lovie Smith)" AND a "wellllll maybe he just needs a change of scenery" type thing. 

Williams last full season was 2012 where he posted 62 catches 996 yards and 9 TDs. In 2013 Williams tore his hamstring after five games.  So, off the field issues + an injury + a a big contract = given away for nothing.

And as an aside, lets not forget about the history Mike Williams and Doug Marrone have at Syracuse.  After the 2008 season when Williams was having issues at SU he left in less than amicable terms.  It was presumed that Marrone and Williams never saw eye to eye and Marrone never really reached out to him after taking over as head coach.  How these two will be able to co-exist will be worth watching.

We'll see.

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