Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 MLB Total Wins: AL

by Steve

Time to break down the total wins for the American League.  Here was a look at the National League total wins:

American League East

NY Yankees 86.5 under
Never count out the Yankees, oh wait.. nevermind they're dead.

Boston Red Sox 88.5 under
 Last year was lightning in a bottle

Baltimore Orioles 81.5 under
Tough division .500 at best.

Tampa Rays 89.5 under
Just barely under.

Toronto Blue Jays 79.5 over
I was wrong about this team last year so doubling down seems to be in order.


Cleveland Indians 82 over
Tito knows how to manage so I'm on board with the Tribe unfortunately.

Chicago White Sox 75.5 under
This team is bad.

Minnesota Twins 70.5 under
How did they give their manager an extension?

Detroit Tigers 90 over
Why not?

Kansas City Royals 82 push
over .500 is commendable.


Houston Astros 63 over
Time to start winning, at least a little.

LA Angels 86.5 over
Last year was an aberration.

Texas Rangers 87 under
This division will be the most competitive in baseball.

Seattle Mariners 81 under
I have a hard time believing this team will finish about .500

Oakland A's 88 under
Too many wins, bang the under,

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