Wednesday, August 6, 2014

After 3 Weeks of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

After three weeks of Bills training camp and one "preseason game" here is what we know:

EJ Manuel sucks
Sam Watkins is a bust
Doug Marrone is cracking under the pressure
Mike Williams doesn't know how to time his jumps.

Ok ok Im being hyperbolic but other than the defesive front four and maybe Seantrell Henderson it hasnt been a banner three weeks for the Bills.
Yeesh. I mean is Cody Glenn alive??? (Sime compatriots joked the guy is going through a sex change opp and needs time to recover.. what was the saying about idle minds?)

Oh wait Preston Brown did have an int albeit the play ended up not counting but who was Kiko Alonso again?

Shouldn't we be seeing something (anything) that impresses us out of EJ Manuel eventually at least once in his career? Maybe if Mike Williams timed his jump better and caught that potential TD I wouldn't be ripping Erik so much but damn the guy hasn't impressed.

Same goes for sad Doug Marrone. Guy is getting feisty with the media, thinks wins and losses matter in the preseason and seems to be cracking under the pressure of NEEDING to win this year because of the Watkins trade.

Alright alright the defense looked decent under new DC Schwartz especially the front four and the running backs seem to know how to run. Maybe stealing 9 games is a possibility but what kind of way to go through life is that?  At least the Bills didn't pass up on this years Vontaze Burfict and drafted Seantrell Henderson though so we have that!

As of now.. still 7-9

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