Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After 5 Weeks of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

Has there been a time in the last few years where there has been less optimism in Buffalo than 2014? Is anyone with half a brain or super positive  thinking playoffs right now with this EJ Manuel/Doug Marrone lead team?

Maybe its just me being negative as per usual but I am super down on this season. Is it just Erik looking completely lost? Or Marrone seemingly completely desperate and depressed (or at the very least grumpy)? A seemingly lost and completely incompetant OC in Nate Hackett? The Bills top two defensive players from last year are not even on the roster for 2014? Yes it is.

Quite frankly, the only hope I can muster is based on the idea that the preseason means zilch, nada zip and that Hackett is just fuckin with us. What other explanation or hope could there be with this offense? Fred Jackson dive from the 2 twice, only one long shot down field in five games and a million dump offs to RBs and Scott Chandler? Ugh.

Butttt there is good news! Cordy Glenn is back practicing pushing rookie Seantrell Henderson to a more palatable right tackle (wait is Cyrus Kounijo a bust already?) so there is legit good news.

Then again it all comes down to the quarterback. The ship has sailed on whether Manuel will be the next great Bills QB. But he could still prove to be good or even quite good if he quickly shows improvement. But for now I don't see it

Then again atleast the Dougs plannedq on cutting Jeff Tuel and Jordan Palmer before signing Kyle Orton


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