Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aaron Williams, a Genius?

by Steve

Haha, how did I miss this from Monday?

"“It’s been too many times where … we don’t take chances,” safety Aaron Williams said. “I feel like teams around this league, the reason why they’re successful most times, is because they do take chances and they are confident about their defense going out there and making three stops at midfield, or even, heck, at the 20-yard line. I encourage Coach to be aggressive and just believe in the defense.”

“I tell myself this and I joke about it, but sometimes I really mean it, I feel like if we can’t make a fourth and 1, we shouldn’t be able to win that game,” he said. “Fourth and 1 is literally just taking one step. It’s all about ‘want to,’ and the attitude of wanting to get that first down or wanting to make that stop if they don’t get a first down.”"

BOOM ROASTED St Doug! That isn't some fake twitter account that is one of the defensive leaders and highest paid players on the Bills, Aaron Williams!  If players are saying this publicly what do you think they are saying when the media isn't around?

It probably doesn't matter much at this point because the playoffs are now a myth and Marrone will be fired after the season.  But what the hell has to happen for St Doug to fucking wake up and realize he has to do something different to change the trajectory of this season and his career.  I'm thinking something like Riverboat Ron last year changing course and the Panthers going on a tear.

Marrone was a joke from the beginning but at least some of the players are starting to speak out and rip this clown.

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