Monday, November 10, 2014

The Bills go Bills and Give Game to the Chiefs

By Steve

Not a lot of Kyle Orton contract extension talk today is there. Not that Orton was the main reason the Bills lost yet again to the average Chiefs at home in a must have game though.

The Bills just about dominated Kansas City yet some how only managed 13 points and allowed 14 fourth quarter death knell points. Holy shit lets count the plays that cost them the game. If any of these plays didn't happen there is little doubt the Bills lose.

Bryce Brown fumbles the ball going into the endzone. Not only did he fumble but the ball bounced right towards idiot Scott Chandler and of course he couldnt simply pick it up for a TD.

The Chiefs punt yet again mid way through the 4th qt and instead of just fair catching it or taking a few yards and go down Leodis McKelvin fumbles deep in his own territory. If it didn't happen I would have been surprised.

4th and inches near mid field. Instead of actually trying to snap the ball and get a foot St Doug outsmarts no one, the Bills were called for a false start and the Bills punt instead.

Orton has mutiple chances to score at the Kc 15 after an easy first down. Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete. The Bills of course give up a first down, game over.

It is amazing that the Bills lost this game. They didnt score a TD in four red zone chances, they live and love to punt on 4th and 1, and always give up a dagger when they need too. Why didn't someone call a time out on the 4th and 1 Jamaal Charles easily converted and waltzed into the endzone. WTF?

The season may or may not be over but what does it matter. They aren't making the playoffs this season. The coach is a loser the quarterback is a mediocrity and the team will seemingly never wash the stink off them from nearly a decade and a half of failure.

The only option, besides Brady and Belichick retiring or an Andrew Luck esque QB magically showing up, is a real coach with new ideas or a winner like Jim Harbaugh.
Maybe next year.

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