Friday, March 13, 2015

REACTION: Bills sign Percy Harvin

By Steve

A one year deal for Percy Harvin is palatable even if he is an asshole. The money is yet unknow but my guess is something like $3.5 million with incentives.

Ha per Percy Harvin still counts 6.47 mil against the Jets cap this season after his 6 year $64 million deal with seattle 2 years ago. Thus I think he'll come some what cheap.

Granted Harvin hasn't produced much since then (20 starts and only 6 TDs in the last 3 seasons total) but thats he beauty of a 1 year deal.

This is a prove it contract clearly. He is only 26 and has already flamed out with THREE teams. So presumably he'll be on his best behavior in hopes of another big contract next year.

The way that the Bills will use Harvin is the most interesting aspect of this move. Im thinking Randell Cobb esque. He is an inch taller and at least as fast. Does Greg Roman have any idea what he's doing?

All in all im coming around on this move. Low risk high reward unless the Bills way over paid. The guy is a locker room cancer ALLEGEDLY but again should have incentive to stfu and be a good soldier. We'll see but lets hope this doesnt take away touches from Sam Watkins and instead augments his production by causing havoc over the middle.

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