Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 MLB Over Under Wins: National League

By Steve

That time of year again! MLB over under total wins! Lets start with the superior league... the National:


NY Mets 83.5
Im feeling lucky despite Wheeler gettin elbow cut. OVER

Washington Nats 94
Seems high so thebunder is the play but if this team doesn't win 90+ it would be surprising.

Atlanta Braves 74
Sell sell sell. Fire sale. Under. Ouch

Phila Phillies 66.5
Are they that bad? Give me 68 wins c'mon.

Miami Marlins 83
Not loving this squad but over it is.

St L Cards 88.5
Seems like an 87 win team. Under (and prob a ring)

Chicago Cubs 82.5
I'll see the kool aid. Over

Milwaukee Brewcrew 78.5
Under, keep drinkin.

Pitt Pirates 85.5
This line is way low. Over

Cinci Reds 77.5
Rebuild in denial. Under

LA Dodgers 92.5
$ = wins. Over

SD Padres 84
Over, ill buy into this facade

Colorado Rockies 73.5
Not sure I know anyone, is Tulo still there? Under

SF Giants 83
Over albeit an off year based on their every other year pattern.

Arizona Dbacks 72
Push? Fur surrre

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