Thursday, August 20, 2015

Preseason 2 Bills at Browns Preview

By Steve

Yay another preseason game! Only three left thank god. Anyone know why the Browns came to Bills camp only to play the preseason game in Cleveland? Oh, me neither. But hey the game is on ESPN Monday Night Football (on a Thursday [huh?]) in prime time so at least for a few minutes NFL fans will remember Cleveland and Buffalo have professional football teams still.

The one positive aspect of this game is that everyone is already hurt so no one (at least on offense) can even get hurt. Top five running backs? Out. Top two wide receivers? Out. EJ Manuel relegated to mop up duty. Harumph.

Its the Tyrod Taylor show! Catch 22, can T-rod show enough with no weapons to win the starting job? Is he just a run first Mike Vick junior with less speed, skill, arm strength, success?

I'm at least as concerned about how Matt Cassel plays as I am about Taylor's performance. No matter who is the starter the other will definitely play this year. Cassel is a castle back there and Taylor is taylor made to get hurt (see what I did there?). So who actually wins the starting job wont matter all that much.

What else to watch for? Pretty much nothing else except for the starting offensive line against a good front seven and Ronald Darby. Darby got torched last week and needs to show at least a little better especially since McKelvin is an injured asshole.

Oh yeah and the EJ Manuel of the Browns will get a lot of playing time, Johnny Manziel! And our old pal that thumb-in-appearance esque turd Mike Pettine will be coaching for his job (isnt it conceivable the Browns could fire this dude at any time ever)?

Oh and fuck Donte Whitner

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