Thursday, August 27, 2015

EJ Manuel to Start Preseason Game 3

By Steve

WOW. What the fffffug? Erik James Manuel starting the third preseason game over Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel? If that isnt shocking it is pretty damn close to shocking.

There are a few trains of thought here.

1. Rex wants it to appear to give all three a "fair" shot at the starting job.

This is dumb because who cares about fairness. This is the NFL for christ sake. Play the best player and get him ready for the opener. Maybe EJ has looked the best to the powers that be who knows.

2. Playing EJ for trade bait.

This is dumb because it is the 3rd preseason game. Conventional wisdom says the 3rd game is the most important and the starters play the most. Why waste this time for trade bait? It is counterproductive for the season and the real starter.

3. EJ will only play briefly to placate him while giving all 3 QBs a real shot with the ones.

Most logical scenario. Put him in for a drive or two and yank him if he is awful to put the Manuel dreams to bed.

4. Just to fuck with WGR550

This is my favorite idea. Every dickhead on WGR hates Manuel and doesnt want him to play or even be on the damn team. Fuck with WGR and watch chap poodle and whitey's heads explode. Ha.

5. Rex knows who the starter is and is just throwing a bone to Manuel to mind fug everyone.

If Rex Ryan knows who the starter is and it isnt EJ then this is the dumbest idea ever. The starting QB needs as much time with the starters as possible. Roman and Ryan should be fired if there is 0% chance Manuel starts week one yet still is starting preseason game 3.


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