Sunday, October 4, 2015

24 10 Bills Lose Season Over

By Steve

Lol. No Watkins or Mccoy no problem? The Bills are a joke. They have a terrible coach, the defense is the worst in 5+ years and they have no hope.

The Bills are a joke. Rex Ryan is the greatest carpet bagger vaccuum salesman in the history of this shity city. 24-10 to the fuckin Giants? They have no disapline no awareness no coaching and no inteligence. Wtf? 17 penalties?

There is no hope.

Tyrod Taylor was awful. Karlos Williams was worse. If you lose to a team at home against a team that doesnt even wanna win is about as bad as it gets.

If the Bills win 8 games that would be a surprise. Trading first round picks for an injury prone loser receiver and over paying shitty old runningbacks are a beautiful recipe for patheticness. Doug whaley is an ass clown. Rex Ryan is as bad as Philbin. Another rebuild starts next season.

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