Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bills at Titans Road Trip Review

By Steve

11 hour car ride each way, 15000+ Buffalo fanatics taking over Nashville all weekend, a squeeker of a road victory and a successful road trip.

Tickets were $51, hotel was $105 a night 2 miles from the stadium and broadway st where there are dozens of bars and where everyone was raging.

Bars open til 230 central time, there are few if any pizza places inexplicably and country cover bands are at every bar. Thankfully there are no covers which is cool to bar hop but the country musuc is ubiquitous.

Went to the original Coyote Ugly multiple roof too and mulitlevel bars and convenienrly took cabs all around town. Oh and the bbq place we ate at was solid.

Nissan stadium isnt too bad. Not enough vendors, not even close, and not enough bathrooms. Hey did have elevators to get all the fatties upstairs to their 300 level seats.

Most of the close lots were pass holder only which was super annoying so we had to pay $20 to park in a garbage dump slash metal recycling junk yard .7 miles from the stadium. I didnt see any food vendors outside the stadium either though.

Bills won, partied with thousands and killed Nashville. Id recommend going.

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