Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016/17 Buffalo Sabres Season Preview Predictions

By Steve

Wait Jack Eichel is already out for at least 25% of the season, the defense is still a disaster, the goalie is as unproven as ever and some advanced stat sites are predicting the Sabres finish 30th?

Holy shit!

Matt Moulson and Brian Gionta are still on the team! So is Zach Bogosian and Dmitry Kulikov is their #2 defenseman? But at least there is a player named Derek Grant playing center on the second power play (because you know of course drunkard Ryan O'Reilly is hurt [oh new rich player that will suck Okposo is hurt already too]).

Jesus it cant be possible Im already this negative about a team that last played in the playoffs 6 seasons ago. The straw that broke the positivity back was Eichel going down ONE FUCKING DAY BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS.

How is that possible? How does it take 7 years to rebuild a team? (This isyear 6 AT LEAST) Granted the video seemed much worse (like a torn ACL) but a high ankle sprain is at least a 6 week injury. It will prob dog him most of the season too.

How much time does Tim Murray need to build a team that makes the god damn playoffs? The Evander Kane trade was a disaster, the Robin "oh im a pro athlete I better get in shape" Lehner trade right now looks bad and who the hell is the backup?

Does Murray HAVE to draft #1 overall to find talent? Where are all these late 1st and 2nd or 3rd round picks? Lemme guess toooo early for them to make an impact?

God I hate WGR550. They are more insufferable than me! But I digress..

The Sabres will finish 10th in the conference and nothing will change. If Eichel was there the whole tener of this preview woulda been different but who on this team can actually fucking score? Oh yeah Marcus Foligno's dad was on the team in the 80s! He iznt even the dudes best son in the NHL for christsake!

86 points 10th in the conference
People actually start to question Murray's genius.
Jack Eichel 26 goals 51 points
Oreilly avoids Tim Horton's drive thrus
Kane doesnt avoid Chippewa
Ristolainen doesnt live up to the contract
Sam Reinhart proves hes not a bust
Lehner stays healthy and looks good
Im still wondering who Kyle Okposo is at the end of the year

Post Script
Shouldnt the 2009 Chicago Blackhawks be a pretty good doppleganger/comparitive season for this Sabres team? 2nd year of Kane like Eichel young core newish old headcoach. Etc. They finished 4th in their conference then won the cup the next year. We'll see

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