Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bills Trade 3rd and 7th rounder for Kelvin Benjamin

By Steve

Bills make odd move, trade for mediocre former 1st round pick Kelvin Benjamin. He was a 1st round pick same year as Watkins and is under contrct for $8 mil next season as well.

A 3rd and 7th round pick is steep but not unacceptable. The guy better contribute. He has 32 catches 475 yards and 2 TDs.

When do trades work out mid season? Why did Carolina dump this dude? Is he still fat?

I like the idea of trying to go for it this season and trading "future assests" for a real NFL wide receiver is something I usually like. But does he help the Bills that much?

I didnt like him out of college, but hes a big target and has played in big games.


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