Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Bills at the BYE

By Steve

3-2 some how feels like a dissapointment. Who woulda thought in August?

Tiny Tyrod Taylor has been as advertised yet seems to be running less than ever. WHY?

The wide receiver corps is in complete shambles, Chuck Clay is out a month, the offensive line is a 100% mystery etc etc. Does McD know what hes doing? Why are they benching their high paid oft injured left tackle and 3rd round pick right guard Miller? Why isnt TTT running?

Why hasnt McBean traded for a reciever yet? If Watkins was on this team the Bills would arguably be 5-0 (dont @ me).

Who the fuck is Calin Clay? Where is Andre Holmes? Why does Zay Jones blow? How is Brandon Tate an important component of the WR corps? Why does my life suck so much? Toss me another Old Vienna.

The Bills play mostly garbage teams for a while with 3 of their next four at home with the sole roadie at the Jets. Losing to both the piece of shit pirate teams in a row wouldnt be shocking. Winning both would be less surprising.

The AFC and the NFL in general seems to be wide open this year. The collegr QB class is predictably not living up to the hype of the summer.

It is time to go after it. The time is now. This franchise NEEDS to make a move. Be bold, be wreckless. Trade for someone. Do something. Anything. For christ sake, the Patriots are beatable, the Dolphins are a joke, the Steelers are falling apart and the Chiefs gonna Chiefs.

TTT under contact for next year at reasonable money, the Bills pick wont be top 10 and the KC pick wont be top 25.

Wake the fuck up Russ Brandon. Legggo.

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