Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sabres Trade Ryan Oreilly to Blues

By Steve

Remember when the Sabres were going to be amazing and win a lot because they drafted Jack Eichel and overpaid for Ryan O'Reilly 3 years ago? Lol

Today they dumped theie problem child drunk bitch boy quitter to the Blues.

"BUF gets 1st in 19, 2nd in 21, Tage Thompson, Vladimir Sobotka,Patrick Betglund for Ryan O’Reilly. No salary retained. STL pays ROR signing bonus."

Tage Thompson is a 2016 first round center that had 8 goals in 71 games between the AHL & NHL. (Basically a nobody)

Sobotka is a 31 year old center who washed out in Boston and the KHL. He had 31 points last year and is under contract for 2 more years at $3.25 mil.

Bertglund is a 30 year old center with worse stats (26 points last year) and under contract for 4 more years at $3.85 mil per.

The Sabres are definitely worse today but Im surprised they got 3 players and 2 pick for a piece of shit baby.

Saving the $7 mil bonus is useless to all of us except Terry Pegula. It was meaningless to the cap and adding the 3 players basically evens out ROR's cap hit.

Oh well

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